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April 30, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Shanti

DesertStar Card of the Day ~ Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards

{I am the Angel of Peace. I bring you new tranquility and a smoother road ahead!}

DesertStar Message
Om Shanti. Know that Peace Love & Harmony surround your entire Being ~ Practice Meditation for a Deeper Understanding & Connection to your Higher Self. Allow the Energy to flow in, with and through you!

Card Meaning
“You have been through turmoil, and your soul is tired. Your mind craves peace and quiet, and I am here to help you with that desire. I will give you new opportunities to spend time alone, where you can relax your mind and heart. I will bring tranquility to your soul so that you can mirror the peace of mind that is your true Divine nature.”
“Like the angels, you are able to hover within the eye of any hurricanes that may swirl around you right now. Through breath and intention, you can stay centered no matter what’s happening in your life. This inner foundation of peace has a powerful healing effect. Your outer life soon reflects your inner peacefulness. Smooth roads are ahead for you, and the worst is behind you now. A peaceful outcome to this situation is assured.”



Card of the Day ~ Have Faith

DesertStar Card of the Day ~ Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards

::Have Faith::
{Your prayers are manifesting. Remain positive and follow your guidance}

DesertStar Message
Break free from whatever it is that is holding you back, keeping you in the dark, and that which no longer serves you. Think of yourself as the butterfly as it emerges from its cocoon ~ There is a Light that Shines not only from Above but also from Within. Have comfort in knowing that a New Beginning is on the Horizon!

Card Meaning
“Good work! You’ve been asking and praying for some big dreams to come true…and it’s working! Just like a gardener who has planted new seeds, you must have faith that your crops will push above the surface. Keep watering your dreams by taking the steps that make them flourish.
This is a precious time for you and your dreams. you don’t have to strain or push to make them come true. You’ve already accomplished the major part of manifestation by asking and praying. Trust that heaven is helping you- just like a best friend would if you asked for their assistance. Your job is to have faith, listen for Divine guidance, and take action whenever you’re guided.”


April 26,2013 Card of the Day ~ Base Chakra

DesertStar Card of the Day ~ Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

::Base Chakra::
{Choose only positive thoughts to describe your home, career, and finances, as your words determine your outcome}

DesertStar Message
Base/Root Chakra  (Muladhara)
The First Chakra is located at the base of the spine, and includes the lower back, legs and feet. Its color vibration is black or red. The Mother Earth energy from the center of the planet is absorbed through the feet, which is a grounding energy. It allows us to feel Safe and Protected on the Planet, and Balances our basic materialistic needs connected to Survival. The Base Chakra is the Home of the Kundalini  (snake or coil) Energy. As this Energy is Awakened through increased Awareness, it rises up the spinal cord through the Chakras till it reaches the top of the head. At this point, it is said one will experience a Powerful Enlightenment.
Incense/Aromatherapy Essential Oils:

cedarwood, patchouli, lavender


blood stone, tiger eye, garnet, ruby, onyx.


proteins, meat


I am connected to Mother Earth and feel the security of being grounded in the moment. I deserve the best life has to offer, all my needs are being met. My body is important to me and I nurture it constantly.

Card Meaning
This card indicates that you’re focused on your material needs, such as desiring more money. It’s imperative that you use only positive words and phrases to describe your current situation. Affirm your desires as already being a reality, and avoid worry- or any discussion that casts you in a “victim” role. To open your flow of Divine manifestations, imagine yourself inhaling and sending healing light to the base of your spine. See and feel a huge ball of ruby red light glowing within you.
Since every worry is a prayer,drawing to you that which you’re worrying about, notice and replace worries with prayers and affirmations. Call upon the angels to boost your faith and confidence,which are two magical ingredients in conscious manifestation.

Action Steps
Sit in a quiet location, and bring your mind and body to a calm state. Breathe in and out deeply while imagining your desired outcome as already being a reality. For instance, picture yourself being completely financially secure. As you hold this vision, allow your body to relax, and feel as though the vision were already true. Feel the warmth of gratitude in your heart,the sense of security in your stomach,and the relaxation of all of your muscles as you trust that this vision is manifesting for you right now.



Base Chakra – Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
Base/Root Chakra – A Soul’s Journey

April 25, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Reward Yourself

DesertStar Card of the Day 

Daily Guidance from you Angels Oracle Cards

::Reward Yourself::
{You’ve been giving a lot of yourself lately, and it’s time for you to receive. Make the time to reward yourself in a meaningful way. This balance of giving and receiving is essential to keeping your energy, mood, and motivation at a consistently high level}

DesertStar Message
Today is the Full Moon in Scorpio as well as a Partial Lunar Eclipse – the second shortest Partial Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century and the first of 3 for 2013. The Lunar Eclipse usually brings endings and/or a culmination of a matter. This is so a New Beginning can occur. Very Powerful Energy around the Full Moon; it is a time of Releasing, Forgiveness & Transformation!
Take sometime to Balance, Ground and Clear yourself today; whether it be by simply being Surrounded by Nature or Receiving Body/Energy Work to assist in this Transformational Energy ~ Phoenix Rising ❤

Card Meaning
“You drew this card because it’s time to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Everyone needs rewards, and you’re no exception. A treat will boost your energy,mood,and motivation. Invest in yourself and make time for self-care today. Give yourself a much-desired item,trip,or service, and notice how your inner child blooms with joy from this loving attention.”

Additional Meanings

*Take the day off from work today

*Splurge on a treat for yourself

*Balance giving with receiving

*Make sure that your allowing yourself to receive

*Appreciate all that you’ve done




Reward Yourself – Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards
wordlesstechteam – Partial Lunar Eclipse Port Orford, Oregon
Phoenix Rising – Marina Petro

April 24, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Spiritual Teacher

DesertStar Card of the Day ~ Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

::Spiritual Teacher::
{Your life purpose involves teaching others about healing and spirituality}

DesertStar Message

We as a Collective Consciousness have gone through many Lives and Lessons to be where it is that we are today; mentally,emotionally,physically,spritually ~ Embrace, Honour,Respect and Cherish this Place in Space and Time!
There is no Degree or Certification for working with Spirit. It is our Birthright and through Initiation we have acquired the Ability,Knowledge & Skill. We are all working together as One utilizing different Mediums to raise the Vibration. Working with Spirit is an Honour and to be able to share in this Love and Knowledge is a Blessing. There are others who may be in question or disbelief of their own Knowledge & Power – when the time is right they will seek you to help them Discover and Understand a World in which they are apart of but never knew. Remember: “baby steps” Teacher of the Light! ❤

Card Meaning

“You drew this card because you’ve asked about your life purpose and career direction. This card indicates that you’re a born teacher who gives advice and information to strangers,friends, and family members. Your natural counseling and teaching abilities will serve you well in a professional way. You may start out on a part-time basis and build up to a full-time career. If you need additional skill training,your inner guidance will direct you. Ask the fairies to help you with this training(including paying for it!), and they’ll open doors for you in many ways.”

Additional Meanings:

*Investigate a career as a counselor or psychologist *Write articles or books and submit them to publishers *A message about a spiritual teacher validates your intuition *Give a workshop *Start charging money for your counseling or healing sessions

Side Note:
(4/23) Card of the Day was Counseling from the Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck (4/24) I was drawn to the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards and pulled a “Life Purpose Card” with references to yesterdays Card of the Day! Interesting if these resonate with you and your paying attention and listening to what Spirit is saying through the Cards and/or Signs! <> Namaste!


April 23, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Counseling

DesertStar Card of the Day ~ Life Purpose Oracle Cards

{You heal with kind words,wise advice,and an empathetic ear}

DesertStar Message

Knowledge.Experience.Wisdom. We are all Connected. Through assisting others in Healing;Emotionally,Physically & Spiritually – we are able to Heal ourselves as well.

Card Meaning

“People frequently reveal their deepest secrets and worries to you because you’re a natural counselor who channels wise advice and kind support. This card comes as a counselor for you, advising you to choose a career path involving this type of work. Since you’re already performing the functions of a counselor, you may as well receive remuneration (in addition to the emotional fulfillment that counseling brings to you). The angels can support any need or desire you may have for classes that will teach you skills and lead to proper licensure.

Your counseling path can be along the lines of life coaching,where you help clients organize their goals and intentions into achievable steps. Or you can blend in spirituality through traditional pastoral counseling, or via the more alternative path of giving readings. Your work could also involve writing or teaching. The main point is that this life purpose uses words as a healing modality.

With the proper training, you’re highly qualified to conduct counseling work. Please don’t think that your own life needs to be perfect before you can help others. All counselors have their own ego issues and “imperfections.” The point isn’t whether you have these character and life quirks; it’s what you do with them that counts. As long as you listen to your clients’ feelings with an open mind and heart, their needs will be served.”


April 17, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Patience

DesertStar Card of the Day

{Now is the time to learn,study, and gather information. Enjoy being a student, because in the future, you will synthesize your knowledge into action}

DesertStar Message

Everything comes together when your Mind, Heart and the Stars are Aligned; When Time,Space and Place is Right.

Card Meaning

“Although you may be aching to begin a new project, now is not the time. You are in the vital phase of gathering right now. This means that you’re acquiring new information through studying,reading,meditating,channeling,taking classes,interviewing experts,and other means. In all of life, there is a time for gathering and a time for planting.

It is too soon for you to decide how you will use the new information that you’re absorbing. You may have some ideas, though,so it might be wise to write them down for future use. Soon enough, you will be called into action to apply your knowledge in useful ways. When that happens, you will be very busy and work very hard. So, enjoy the present moments of ambiguity and rest. Allow yourself to be an empty vessel into which heaven pours the contents of its library of wisdom. Your unique talents will blend with this wisdom, and synthesize it into a new and important way to bring peace to this planet.”

~*Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards*~


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