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April 13, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Crystals

DesertStar Card of the Day

{Your connection to crystals and gemstones is a channel for healing energy}

DesertStar Healing

Crystals & Gemstones were first formed when the earth was evolving, they grow deep within the earth and are part of the earth’s electromagnetic energy system and can be used to help re-establish and stabilize the energy of people, animals and plants. Crystals and Gemstones have both Healing and Metaphysical Properties. Crystal Healing utilizes the body’s inherent healing force to nourish and heal us in multiple ways. Each type of Crystal/Gemstone embodies a unique energy that can focus and amplify this healing force and produce specific therapeutic effects. Practice releasing Emotional and Psychological blocks, Protect your Energetic Field & Cleanse your Aura of negative energies with Crystals and Gemstones!

Card Meaning

“This card is a signal for you to delve more deeply into your understanding of crystals and gemstones, as they’re calling you to work with them as part of your life purpose. These objects amplify and direct the Divine healing energy to people, animals, and the environment. Each one has a life force, to which you’ve often connected. Now it is time to research this connection through classes, books, and intuitively communicating with crystals.
There’s a reason why crystals are used in watches, computers, and medical devices-namely, their power to magnify energy and light in directed ways. Similarly, you can use them for healing purposes to amplify your natural abilities. Your work may combine crystals with massage, energy healing, arts and crafts, or other endeavors. Regardless of what you do, be sure to include these powerful objects.
If your new to working with stones, paying a visit to a gem shop is a good starting place. Walk through with an open mind and heart, and notice which crystals attract you. Then read up on the healing properties of the ones that call to you. You’ll find that they provide exactly the energy most needed at that time. Trust that this Law of Attraction process will also work through you to help your clients.”

~*Life Purpose Oracle Cards*~



April 12, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Power Animal

DesertStar Card of the Day

~Power Animal~
{Your animal spirit guide is a guardian to you and is helping you with this situation}

DesertStar Message

There are various forms of support and assistance available to us while we are here on Mother Earth in other realms, planes, and dimensions. This situation calls for the Animal Spirit Realm to come forth and see us through. Even in the most darkest of times there is Light and Love being sent to us ~ all you have to do is Ask, Listen & Receive!

Card Meaning

“This card is a message for you to work with animals – both physically and spiritually – for they are reaching out and attempting to communicate with you. In order to hear these benevolent beings, you’ll need to listen with your heart and inner ear without judgement. Once you open your mind, you’ll clearly hear their loving voices and messages. You also have specific animals with you as guides, which may include a special pet. These “power animals” are like angels who are very connected with the earth.”

Action Steps
“Go to a location where there are trees or plants so that nature can help you with your journey to meet your power animal. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply as you hold the intention of connecting with the animal that serves as your spirit guide. Imagine yourself in a magical forest calling to your power animal, without specifying what type of animal your expecting. Let yourself see and know the animal who is your guide, and then ask this spiritual being any question you’d like- especially about your connection to nature and the environment.”

~*Angel Therapy Oracle Cards*~


April 11, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Reconciliation

DesertStar Card of the Day

{Someone from your past is returning to your life}

DesertStar Message

Each and every Relationship is like a mirror to our Soul. There are lessons in everything. Subconsciously you know Accepting,Healing & Releasing the Past allows the Heart to be Open, completely Present & fully Aware. If we keep repeating the same patterns we are not able to move forward- Spiritually,Emotionally, & Physically. Closure enables you to learn and grow.

Card Meaning

“This card indicates that an ex-lover may be reentering your life. The first person you think of is likely who it will be. The purpose of this reconciliation is to achieve healing and closure with respect to your past. You will understand more about yourself and see your relationship patterns more clearly. You’ll also take responsibility for the role you played in the relationship’s drama, which will free you from the tyranny of unforgiveness. Reconciliations are ultimately about taking care of unfinished business. This card could also possibly mean making peace with a family member or friend. Each relationship is a sacred learning experience, so be open to the reunion’s lessons and blessings. Ultimately, all healings help your love life and every other part of your world.”

~*The Romance Angels Oracle Cards*~


April 10, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Teresa

DesertStar Card of the Day

{Time-out! You’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but now it’s time to stop and take care of yourself!}

DesertStar Message

The first step towards nurturing ourselves is always the hardest, but both the stars and cards align to help reconfirm that before we are fully able to care for anyone else, we must first care for Self.  Springs first New Moon ~ it’s time to set intention for what you desire, plant new seeds, and begin anew! Both the Sun and Moon are in Aries initiating us to take action in our personal lives. Remember to follow your heart and not your ego!

Card Meaning

“Dear one, you’ve been working very hard! You’re very tired now, yet you keep pushing yourself to work more,more,more! I am here to firmly and lovingly take your hand, and tell you to ‘Stop!’ Cease working for a moment and take a respite. You have certainly earned it, and you will be more efficient and productive after taking this rest. You give so much to others that at times like this you become unbalanced. Your inner child yearns for nurturing, and no one is going to give you that loving care but yourself and the angels. So, give yourself permission to take a much-needed time-out. Take a nap, or go play for awhile. Please don’t delay this guidance. We assure you that your responsibilities will all be met, and you will gather new energy and ideas during your time-out. We also bring you additional Earthly help, and assist you in delegating work.”

~*Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards*~


April 9, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Connect with Nature

DesertStar Card of the Day

~Connect with Nature~
{You’re rejuvenated and inspired by spending time outdoors}

DesertStar Message

Nature brings a Sense of Awareness,Peace,Clarity,Focus Creativity & Vision. Nature is a Reflection of Within. Reconnect with yourself in Mother Nature. Each animal, plant, tree crosses your path for a reason – Self Healing. There is Energy Medicine is All things!
“Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small” by Ted Andrews, is a great resource for a deeper meaning in the signs of Nature.

Card Meaning

“This card comes to you because your body and soul are craving fresh air,trees,flowers,butterflies,birds,sunshine and animals. The message is clear: Go outside! The answers to your questions are outdoors in nature where you can easily think and receive creative ideas. Even a brief stroll during your lunch hour will yield tremendous benefits.”

Additional Meaning

*Plant a flower garden *Adopt a new pet *Your children need to spend time outdoors *go camping or hiking *Visit a rural or eco-friendly retreat center *Switch to a career where you can work outdoors, or with plants or animals *Trust the messages you receive when you spend time in nature *You have a natural gift for communicating with animals *Bring nature indoors with potted plants, a fountain and crystals. *You need sunshine or full spectrum lighting to elevate your mood and emotions *Eat more naturally, taking in fewer processed foods or beverages.

~*Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards*~


April 7, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Blessed Change

 DesertStar Card of the Day

~ Blessed Change~
{A major life change brings you great blessings}

DesertStar Message

“Change is always for the better.”
Sometimes things happen that we feel we are unprepared for- this is called Life.
You have the strength and ability to overcome any obstacle, which will always lead you closer to your self ~ your Higher Self. Take a moment to reflect on all that has brought you to this point in time. Acknowledge each and every Experience- Accept & Let go. Take a deep breathe and continue on this Journey of Self Discovery. You never know where the Path will take you, but at least you know that your on it..surrounded by Love & Light. Always! ♥

Card Meaning

Although you may feel as if your life is upside down right now, everything that’s occurring is for the best. This card assures you that the changes in your life are actually helping you leave behind that which no longer serves you. Your spiritual purpose with the old situations is now complete. You’re urged to stay centered in grace and acceptance. Keep affirming: “I welcome Divinely inspired change, and i stay centered in the eye of the hurricane as change occurs around and within me. All change is for my highest good. I know that love is stable and always provides for me and my loved ones- no matter what our outer situations appear to be.”

Change ushers in fresh opportunities to learn,grow,prosper, and create new relationships. The key is to keep breathing and enjoy the changes, even if they’re intimidating. If the Universe pushes you toward new responsibilities, know that your qualified.

~*Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards*~


April 5, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Flower Power

DesertStar Card of the Day

~ Flower Power ~
{Spend time with flowers and flower essences to increase your personal healing power}

DesertStar Message

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? Nature is in full swing ~ flowers are beginning to blossom and birds are starting to sing. Now is the time to release all of the energy that you have been harnessing during the Winter months.Take sometime to get back to your roots, back to nature and embrace this cycle of New Beginnings!

Card Meaning

This card signifies that you’ll benefit from the balancing & healing properties of flowers. Spend time in a garden or even a florist’s shop, and surround your home with fresh flowers. As you breathe in the fragrances, feel their magical healing abilities bathing every cell of your body. The fairies also suggest that you purchase (or create your own) pure flower essences.

Additional Meanings

*Use flower essences in your Healing work

*Study Aromatherapy

*Make sachets or dried lavender eye pillows

*Plant a flower garden

*Send a loved one some flowers

~*Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Card Deck*~


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