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May 2013 ~ DesertStar TarotScopes

DesertStar TarotScopes


 ~ May 2013 ~


 Aquarius (January 20- February 19)

The expenditure of your Mental Energy can be exhausting! Allow some time for reflection over motives- yours and others’ involved in this decision. We sometimes make choices based on others reactions and not our own intentions. Ask yourself if this is for everyone’s best interest, including yours. There are lessons to be learned from this situation. Take this knowledge and experience and apply it to future interactions.


Pisces (February 19- March 20)

You’re surrounded by those that bring you happiness.  Although there is a strong sense of security concerning family and finances at this time, spend time with others that have a positive outlook on life!  They will assist you in helping to raise your vibration. Now is a particularly good time for gatherings or an exploration of an unknown place, near or far. Wherever it is that you go you will leave what you’ve been carrying with you for some time – energetically speaking.


Aries (March 20-April 19)

You may be on to something here… follow your instinct in this endeavor and you will find great success. All work and no play? It is time for you to spend some time alone and enjoy life’s finer things – even if that means simply being in nature or pampering yourself with a day at the spa. It all works in assisting you to rebalance and rejuvenate.


Taurus (April 19-May 20)

You may find it best to gather your thoughts and keep your composure when dealing with others at this time. Remember that you are not responsible for others’ actions – it is only your reaction to the experience that you’re responsible for. Small details will be in need of your attention. Now is a good time to choose something to work towards, such as a plan or a goal, and stick to it!


Gemini (May 20-June 21)

You may be feeling a sense of loss, separation, or departure. Take the time to process this change that is occurring and heal. Often the closer we hold something near and dear to our heart, the harder it is to accept that what once was is no longer. We all experience dark times but remember that you are always protected and supported by both seen and unseen forces. Now is a time for forgiveness – of yourself and/or others.


Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Abundance is on your side. Things are starting to shift and the world will seem to open up for you. This is the perfect time for your dreams to become your reality – manifestation at its finest. The current may not have been the smoothest, but you’ve made it to the other side! So, get back to basics and take care of yourself; including your wants and your needs before doing so for others.


Leo (July 22- August 22)

There is a leadership role that you will be coming into – it may be unexpected, but you have the acquired knowledge and skill to accept and fulfill this position. Structure and discipline are a part of the equation. There is a sense of organization and logic that is needed. Take comfort in knowing that everything is working out the way it’s supposed to and now is your time to shine!


Virgo (August 22- September 22)

Passionate, Adventurous, Self-Assured, Restless. This describes the energy that surrounds you at this time. A sudden event may need your immediate attention. Refrain from impulsiveness and think carefully before you act. Sometimes things that present themselves as challenges are in all actuality life learning lessons. Take with you what you need and leave the rest behind!


Libra (September 22-October 23)

Romantic Love is within sight and reach. You’ve been through enough to know when something just feels right. Go with the flow and you may find yourself on the receiving end of a proposal of a lifetime! When it comes to your emotions there is a need to find balance within your own self, heart and mind. A Meditational Retreat may be just what the Universe ordered!


Scorpio (October 23- November 22)

Hold on to your poncho! Things around you may seem to move faster than the speed of light. You are equipped and prepared for action but remember to carefully review all of your options. There are many resources at your fingertips and others who are able and willing to assist you.Thinking outside of the box and taking creative avenues will serve you well when it comes to solutions.


Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

The Sun is shining on you and from within you. The Winter months may have been a time for reflection and hibernation, but with the change of season brings a sense of renewal. The energy harnessed is now ready to be released and acted upon. This may be how you’re feeling and with new life comes new ideas that will lead to success. Remember to have confidence in yourself; thoughts, words, and actions!


Capricorn (December 21- January 20)

The saying “Given eyes to see” now has a whole new meaning – you are able to see the truth of a situation. You may be standing at a fork in the road and are hesitant about which direction to take, but New ideas come to you and the path becomes clearer. What may seem as a challenging beginning may just be the key for opening the door to the inspiration that is needed.

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February 2013 ~ DesertStar TarotScopes


February TarotScopes

 ~LoveScopes ~

Aquarius  (January 20 – February 19)

You have a strong influence upon your love-life satisfaction. Real Love can be yours, if you believe it. Stay optimistic and take active steps to positively manifest the love life you desire. Your positive outlook will make you a more physically and energetically attractive person, which will help your relationship with yourself and everyone else around you. Don’t worry- it’s all working out in a beautiful way.

Pisces  (February 19- March 20)

By trying to control others or external circumstances, you’ll only frustrate yourself. There are plenty of times in life that call for you to take charge, but this is not one of them. Be open to all possibilities and trust in the Universe’s infinite wisdom and compassionate love.  Enjoy the creative avenues in which True Love comes to you. Have patience, as there are unseen factors that need to occur first.

Aries  (March 20 – April 19)

Every relationship is a synergy of blended energies. Elevate your spiritual frequencies so that you attract a partner of a similar nature.  You deserve to be in a relationship of mutual attraction, appreciation, understanding and Love. Your current situation calls for action on your part. Spend time clarifying your desires – then tell the Universe exactly what it is that you want. Expect a positive outcome, and your expectations will be rewarded.

Taurus  (April 19 – May 20)

Everything is exactly as it needs to be. As you follow the path that you are currently on, trust that it’s leading you in the right direction. Your present situation is here to bring you blessings and personal growth – leading to the romantic Love that you desire and deserve. All things are possible. The focus of your work is shifting in a positive, new and successful direction.  Listen and follow your intuition about your career.

Gemini  (May 20 – June 21)

Don’t allow emotions to blind you to characteristics or habits that won’t work for you in a relationship. Pay attention to your feelings and impressions. The Universe will guide you to take steps that are beneficial for everyone involved. Your current situation calls for you to be assertive – but let go of unhealthy communication habits and speak your truth with Love. Stand up for your beliefs – be honest with yourself and true to your values.

 Cancer  (June 21 – July 22)

Repeat to yourself “I’m no longer willing to carry toxic energy within my mind and body,” and release suppressed anger. Your feelings influence your choice of romantic partner, and the way in which you deal with relationships. Put forgiveness into action – once you find inner peace, you’ll no longer need to attract unhealthy relationship patterns and partners as a way of healing emotional wounds. Leave the unhealthy situation & enjoy new doors that will open as a result.

Leo  (July 22 – August 22)

The more you love who you are, the greater your capacity to feel loved by others. So, spend some time alone and delve into introspection to understand the patterns of your love life.  Let everything else from the past go except for the Lessons & Love. It is important to Love yourself first – this will lead to healthy friendships and romances based upon mutual respect. Use positive affirmations to lift up your thoughts and energy and to attract what you desire.

Virgo  (August 22 – September 22)

The Cards suggest an Upcoming Wedding (your own or someone else’s). Possibly a validation that you will get married, you’ll meet a significant other at an upcoming wedding, or experience something there that will lead to new romance for you. But, continue to enjoy life without worry about your future marital status. It may also be a time for you to look at your present or past marriages and review your feelings, with the intention of healing your heart and your relationship. Healing energy surrounds you and this situation.

Libra  (Sept 22 – October 23)

The Universe wants to help you fall back in love with life again by guiding you to enjoy yourself. This comes from a place of joy and adventure. When was the last time you had fun?  Fun is a necessity, not a luxury. Playfulness is a good investment of your time, as it will renew your energy levels and elevate your mood. Also, release yourself from the inability to offer forgiveness. You’ll benefit enormously by making the decision to detoxify yourself of anger and resentment.

Scorpio  (October 23 – November 22)

Stay open to the possibility of your soul mate appearing in a form that may differ from what you expect. You may have already been introduced to this person but have overlooked his/her romantic potential. Keep an open mind and take the time to get to know the various individuals you meet.  Worse case, you will learn more about yourself and may make a new friend. Consider healthier dietary changes at this time- improve your lifestyle and other areas will also improve.

Sagittarius  (November 22 – December 21)

Spirituality is a subtle but an important factor in your love life. Perhaps you are seeking a relationship with a partner who shares your spiritual beliefs. It’s also possible that they may have the same principles that you find important without having a spiritual connection. Either way, it’s not up to you to change your partner to match your spiritual path. You or someone close to you may be expecting – the birth of this child brings great blessings to you and the world.

Capricorn  (December 21 – January 20)

You’ve been harboring emotions that are masking your feelings of Love. Your love life needs a healthy infusion of honest communication. This is a necessary move to ensure the health of your relationship. Your heart-to-heart discussions will result in personal growth. Your present situation is teaching you many valuable and important life lessons. You’re now taking that wisdom and beginning a new journey. Be open to this change, and great things will happen.

DesertStar Healing utilizes Doreen Virtues’ Tarot & Oracle Cards


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January 2013 ~ DesertStar TarotScopes

 DesertStar TarotScopes


January 2013

Aquarius ( January 20 – February 19 )

Take this time to organize your thoughts and visions. Logic will guide you in the right direction. This will lead to balanced structure and discipline. You have the knowledge and experience for leadership. The Sun is on your side- brilliant new ideas will give rise to great successes in life. The work you’ve done spiritually and personally brings astonishing changes to your life. Have Confidence.

Pisces ( February 19- March 20 )

Connect with nature to assist in clearing your mind, focusing your thoughts and realigning your emotional and physical body. New career opportunities will reveal themselves to you. Material or karmic debts are paid off. You have the power to manifest the abundance that awaits you. Focus on the things you do have instead of what you do not- Law of Attraction. Accept the help being offered from others.

Aries ( March 20 – April 19 )

Enjoy in what life has to offer. Spend time in meditation to regain strength, clarity and focus. Use knowledge and skill to attain success in self-employment. You have come full circle and have evolved to a whole new level of understanding of the Universe- you are well on the path toward Enlightenment. Joy, contentment, and gratitude surround you. A new home or job is possible at this time.

Taurus ( April 19 – May 20 )

You see humor in any situation. There is a need for objective decision making. Utilize this time to clear away that which has allowed you to grow and no longer serves you. A sense of new beginnings when it comes to love; a new romantic partner or the renewal of an existing relationship. Moving to a new home is on the horizon. Your intuition is highly accurate at this time- listen to it.

Gemini ( May 20 – June 21 )

Open your heart and mind to those around you. You may be inclined to volunteer in doing some type of charity work. There is an opportunity to give or receive trustworthy and heartfelt advice. Good news is on its way to you- a promotion or new job offer. You’ve made wise decisions and have worked hard. This is a time of great achievement and success. Possibility of public recognition or awards.

Cancer ( June 21 – July 22 )

It’s time to review your plans and look at things from a different perspective. Sense of change in job, career, or relationship. These changes will bring the benefits that you desire. Don’t let anything distract you from your true path. There is a need to move forward in search of something more meaningful. Spiritual and emotional growth- evolution. Embrace your unique and eclectic beliefs and attitudes.

Leo ( July 22 – August 22 )

Clear your mind and collect your thoughts- a compromise is called for. Trust in yourself and be accepting of the situation before making a decision. Attempting to fight the current does not benefit you or anyone else involved. Focus on the positive. You are surrounded by those that are able and willing to be supportive. Take comfort in knowing everything is working toward your higher purpose.

Virgo ( August 22 – September 22 )

You may feel as though you are reaching new heights. Focus upon work that involves your passion. Creativity will open doors to new possibilities. Received recognition for high quality work enables you to regain self-confidence. Possibility of joining a group or organization at this time. Illumination of a situation- believe in yourself and take action.

Libra ( Sept 22 – October 23 )

 The walls of illusion will not allow you to move forward. You possess the ability, power, and strength that will see you through. Surround yourself with positive thinking and others that can help you to see the possibilities. Physical, mental and emotional balance is needed. Yoga, meditation, or tai chi may help you find harmony in all things as well as a sense of inner peace.

Scorpio ( October 23 – November 22 )

Look upon challenges as opportunities to learn and apply your knowledge. You are stronger than you realize or give yourself credit for. The strength that this situation calls for comes from the compassion and kindness of a spiritual core. Creative and inspiring career possibilities are coming into view- starting a new business, job offer, or promotion. Embrace life changes and new adventures for it is not only opportunity that awaits you.

Sagittarius ( November 22 – December 21 )

Wise beyond your years. You tend to be very optimistic but realistic about what can be accomplished. Possibility of returning to school, continuing education; adopting a new interest or passion. If you are considering life changes refrain from acting on impulse- wait for the right time. Compassion and kindness are keys to successfully manifesting your dreams. Forgiveness also brings healing which allows for new beginnings.

Capricorn  ( December 21 – January 20 )

With confidence and certainty you’re passionate about anything you take on. This is your golden time of celebration and success. Use all that you have done to create a blue print for the future. Patience is required. Explore possibilities on how to promote your business or talents. A significant situation requires your full attention- channel your inner wisdom and proceed with caution. Possible sudden passionate love affair, business travel, or change of residence at this time.


DesertStar Healing utilizes Doreen Virtues’ Tarot & Oracle Cards


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November/December 2012 ~ DesertStar TarotScopes.

DesertStar TarotScopes


November/December 2012

Aquarius (January 20- February 19)

The seeds have been planted and are now ready to blossom. The foundation has been laid- your time is now to prosper. Good fortune and improved health surround you. The decision is yours to step out into the world with what you have to offer or to accept the title of a new position. Benefit from your determination and dedication, celebrate your achievements. Don’t forget to read the fine print.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

No more being a fish underwater, time to rise to the surface. You will manifest what you have been thinking or feeling for a long time. As with all things that seem foreign or new- this will come naturally to you and those that are willing and able to help will appear as the picture becomes clearer. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Maybe this isn’t for everyone- but you will find your audience. Others will help you to attain your vision. Confidence and independence gained.

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Balance your thoughts and subconscious. Take the time to write down your goals, plan or course of action. With a bit of focus you will gain a clearer perspective of your life’s path, purpose and direction. All will come together when the time is right or possibly with the change of seasons. Your actions reflect your words, thoughts, feelings; hopes, desires, and dreams. You will learn to allow this inner knowledge to assist you in the near future.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)

Life’s experience and your decisions have enabled you to come full circle. It may have taken a few months, years or lifetimes but your dreams are finally becoming your reality. Remain cool, calm, centered, and grounded. Take time to stop and smell the mums for success is soon to follow- patience and hard work will pay off. You are able to dance to the vibration of your own rhythm.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)

When one door closes, three more will open. Stay positive. This is a good time to listen to your heart. Find the strength to forgive, release, let go and move forward. Create the space for possibilities. A relationship, love and/or friendship will have greater meaning and purpose. There is more to it than that which is on the surface. Everything will make sense if and when you utilize your intuition.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Your emotions play a role in making a decision. Go with your gut feeling. Ask for or accept forgiveness. All will be in your favor. Time for you to take a stand for whatever it is that you believe in- no more hiding behind the curtain. In understanding it is all about perspective, and you are one that is able to see the bigger picture. Taking responsibility for your actions and learning from past mistakes is the key in moving forward.  Use wisdom and knowledge in order to reach your destination.

Leo (July 22- August 22)

Change is on the horizon. That which does not serve your higher self or life purpose will no longer continue to be a part of the journey. You will find yourself in a state of realization. Allow yourself the time for reflection and reinvention. This situation has allowed you to learn, grow and become who it is that you are. Turning a new leaf in life is a process but trust that you are on the right path. You will enjoy the sense of newness, wholeness and completeness. Once the decision is made- it is one that will be well worth it.

Virgo (August 22- September 22)

Search for answers within, you have the acquired knowledge. Positive influences are important at this time. Take care of yourself; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. All that glitters is not gold when finding your way through the dark. Past experiences help you to create your future. Possibility of change or relocation in regards to career and relationships. You have built the bridges, now it is time to connect the dots. Trust and believe in yourself for you are prepared and supported. You have all that you need to move forward.

Libra (September 22-October 23)

Confident, warm, intelligent, and graceful. Use your talents and skills to create balance between home and career. Do not underestimate yourself for you have all that is needed to thrive. Now is the time to spread your wings and take action. Believe in all that you can do and will accomplish. The first step is always the hardest. You naturally will attract those that will be able and are willing to assist you. Desired recognition will happen for you.

Scorpio (October 23- November 22)

Just as the tide this decision has a motion. Avoidance will not enable you to rise or move forward. Remove all doubt, fear, and emotion from this situation. Inquire within- use your intuition to see you through. Simplify during this time. There will be a need for compromise. A resolution will come with help from an outside source. Even the sun seems to shine brighter once you’ve found a common ground to walk on.

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

New beginnings. You are standing at the crossroads and guided to make a change in career or job. Review, evaluate, and consider all options. Time to move in a different direction. There is a sense of security surrounding whichever path you so choose. Take the necessary steps- academic examinations and certification tests may be a part of the equation and will turn out well. Only you know what is best for yourself. This may be exactly what needs to happen in order for you to be truly content in life.

Capricorn (December 21- January 20)

An opportunity comes your way. What may seem like a challenge at first will reveal itself to be something that will help you to express your creativity, originality, and ingenuity. Your experience in life has prepared you for this very moment. Embrace it. There is a present situation that you will need to free yourself from in a healthy and harmonious way. Feel more confident about your abilities, believe in yourself and keep your thoughts positive- this is the key to your freedom and success. Nothing can hold you back but yourself.

DesertStar Healing utilizes Doreen Virtues’ Tarot & Oracle Cards


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