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Shaman ~ Shamanism

Shaman ~ Shamanism

The word “Shaman” –which means “he/she knows” comes from the Tungus of North Central Asia.  A Shaman, or Spiritual Healer, is someone who sees what others do not, who finds information from the hidden worlds. The Shaman acts as an intermediary between the ordinary World and the World of Spirit. The Shaman, in an altered state of consciousness, uses forms of Journeying to Spirit Worlds, along with Prayer and Ceremony to Communicate with the Spirit World; guardian angels, nature spirits, and evolved spiritual teachers for healing, guidance and wisdom. The Practice of Shamanism is derived from Ancient Spiritual and Healing Rituals. Shamanisms view of the world is that in which everything in the universe is connected; Everything is Alive, Everything is Aware and Conscious, Everything is Dynamic and Changing, Everything is Connected, Everything Responds. Shamanism is Spiritual Healing -Healing the Spiritual Causes of illness, injury and ailment. DesertStar Healing works with high frequencies of light to restore health at the soul level. To work with the Spiritual Causes of illness, injury & ailment, DesertStar Healing enters a “Shamanic State of Consciousness”, once in the altered state; interacts with Spirit to ask questions, effect healings for self or others, to find out the answers to questions, to assist in the harmonization and balancing of; land, space, people, relationships, and souls. DesertStar Healing provides Healing on many different levels and opens up the Spirit Communication with the realm of the unseen, which helps people to heal themselves and live with a greater sense of well-being. It empowers people to live from a sense of inter-connectedness with others and with all life. Shamanistic Healing address many things such as; relationship issues, feeling stuck, wanting to move forward, wanting to feel happier in life, or more complete. It may also enhance creativity and success in life, reveal skills and abilities that are natural to you, and more importantly, that you already have. Shamanistic Healing leads to personal transformation in one’s life and transformation on a collective level for our community and our society. Shamanism is one of the oldest tribal Healing Traditions found in many cultures around the world.

“When we decide to take this step on our Soul’s Journey and work with a Shaman, it leads us to own our own power. Working with a Shaman we discover a more authentic self, we discover more of who we know ourselves to be, we begin to bring forth our gifts and talents so that we step into our becoming and as we do so we create and hold a new map for ourselves that shapes our destiny and that of the world. We begin to know absolutely that we can change our world by changing ourselves, and we can re-negotiate the contracts that we made that keep us stuck in toxic illnesses, painful relationships, and work that doesn’t inspire us.”



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