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Usui Reiki: Japanese Healing Art ~ Benefits

Usui Reiki ~ Benefits

  • Reiki calms. It reduces stress, and provides deep relaxation, comfort & peace.
  • Reiki may bring spiritual clarity.
  • Reiki offers relief during emotional distress and sorrow. Reiki helps in the grieving process. It cleans and clears the emotions from being so draining and offers perspective.
  • Reiki relieves pain.
  • Reiki can improve good blood circulation and stop small bleedings.
  • Reiki can cleanse organs (liver, kidneys, arteries, spleen, gall bladder, lungs & heart).
  • Reiki is safe to treat symptoms of imbalance: chronic and acute conditions, stress related disorders, conditions related to sinus, menopause, migraine, cystitis, asthma, chronic fatigue, arthritis, back, sciatica, insomnia and depression – to name a few.
  • Reiki speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness. As it tends to reduce side-effects, it helps in adjusting to medicine/treatment. For example, Chemo-therapy patients who received Reiki noticed a marked decrease in side effects from treatment.
  • Reiki can also be put directly in medicine (as well as food and water).
  • Reiki purifies environments, and can facilitate the removal of negative energy from an office, house, garden, room, etc.
  • Reiki can help athletes heal faster and to perform
  • Reiki is for everyone: it helps to heal adults, elderly, babies (in mother’s stomach), toddlers, children and pets.
  • Reiki for pets? Yes, pets may be helped in their recovery from stress, separation anxiety, trauma, and illness.
  • Reiki is positive energy. It never causes harm to any living thing!
  • Reiki is recommended for ongoing health maintenance. It promotes strong health & prevents illness.  
  •  Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels & may help you to enhance every aspect of your life.



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