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May 15, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Third-Eye Chakra

DesertStar Card of the Day
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
::Third-Eye Chakra::
{It is safe for you to see the energy of love in all of its forms, such as angels,auras, and visions}

DesertStar Message
Seeing with our 3rd Eye/Being Sensitive means that we are Connected to our Higher Self – our Soul Star – Source Energy. We are able to accept, acknowledge and receive messages from Source,Spirit,the Universe,the Divine. With all of the X Class Solar Flares the last three days it seems the Universe is sending us a message ~ Awaken! With a Heightened Sense of Awareness, it is time for us to utilize the gifts that we have been given, that have been passed down through generational eons. Be open to all possibilities, new experiences and express what you may have been unaware of or have kept hidden on the inside – these gifts are meant to be shared! With an Open Heart,Mind & Eye you will find your voice ~ Remember that you are always surrounded and protected by Love and are Love ♥

Third-Eye Chakra/6th Chakra
The Third-Eye Chakra or Sixth Chakra is located at the forehead between and slightly above the eyebrows. It includes the eyes, the head, the brain stem, and pituitary and pineal glands. Its colors are indigo, purple and violet. An open Third-Eye allows Intuition to flow freely to One’s Awareness. It will enhance insight, visions, concentration and the ability to see Auras and Chakras, and the connection to One’s Divine Guidance and Higher Self.


Incense/aromatherapy essential oils:

hyacinth, violet, rose geranium, patchouli


amesthyst, purple apatite, sapphire


The answers to all my questions lie within me. Imagination sparks my creativity. I trust my intuition.

Card Meaning
“This card comes to you in response to your questions about your future. You have visions about yourself,and you’re wondering whether they’re real or mere imagination. Well, the angels assure you that you are having accurate insights, and they wish to encourage your visual spiritual gifts. You have natural clairvoyant tendencies,governed by the energy center located between your two physical eyes, which is known as the Third-Eye Chakra. The angels send clairvoyant messages that you perceive in your mind’s eye as shapes,colors,mental movies,dreams,and so forth. Or you may receive messages via your physical sight,such as recurring number sequences (111,444,and so on); lights and moving objects; or through signs and symbols, including feathers,rainbows,clouds,and coins.”

“The angels wish you to help fully awaken your Third-Eye and understand your psychic visions. They’re guiding you to notice and trust all that you see with your inner and outer vision.”




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