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“Ashley led me …

“Ashley led me through a series of steps in the beginning; including the burning of sage, the chiming of a Tibetan percussion instrument, and her guidance on how to relax and release, before attending to the work of the Session itself. She utilized a combination of healing tools including; stones and hand placements during which I visualized charging bursts of color- purple, magenta and then white. I became completely at peace and felt renewed once the session had been completed”   -W.D.

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DesertStar ~ Tarot & Oracle Cards


The word Tarot was originally spelled ìRotaî,  which means wheel. The Tarot recalls eternal pictures and symbols that include myth and folklore, and express basic psychological ideas. We use the Tarot as a living form that is tied into the existing Universe. In essence, the Tarot is a simulacrum of the Universe. The Tarot operates on the Law of Attraction— that is, what may appear as a random selection of shuffled cards is actually a precise arrangement that coincides to form the answers and insights that address a specific query. What is true about the Tarot is that it opens up a door that allows us to take a journey to the center of our being, to our primary source: it is a door to our unconscious. We can conclude that the esoterical teachings transmitted through the bases of symbolic images called Tarot, continue nowadays impacting the human subconscious. As every Oracle, Tarot may be used in different situations, to inspire us in view of a certain issue(s), to try to figure out which is the best way to follow in view of certain situation, as a guide or comfort.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards (or taroc cards, or tarocchi cards) were originally used for playing a card game called tarocchi, and had no more or less to do with foretelling the future than did other types of playing cards. Most modern Tarot cards consist of 78 cards and are used for divination or as a symbol-system for personal growth and development. Regardless of their original use, as a clever card game or a clever way to impart mystical teachings in the 1300’s in Europe it is the wisdom and guidance we gleam from their images today that may be the most intriguing. The images of the Tarot do not mean people, things or events; they project to people, things, or events within the context of the inevitable mental odyssey. Thus, when the Tarot is consulted, it is not the cards that we have to read rather than our own life reflected on these images. The Tarot, like the images that we see in our dreams, burst into our lives to show us aspects of our personality that want to be recognized. They bring us messages of great importance in non-verbal languages, which are symbols. This is why the Tarot has an immense power to activate our imagination, because the cards are inspired in human experience and in the deepest levels of our mind. In the hands of an adept, they tell your story and portray your journey.

Oracle Cards

Oracle : a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion; an infallible authority, usually spiritual in nature

Oracle Decks, Divination Decks, Meditation Cards, and Cartomantic or Non-Tarot Decks of all kinds. Oracle Cards are used for similar purposes to Tarot Cards, but have varying numbers of cards – from as low as 20 to as many as 144 – and may be based on any structure or any topic. Oracle Cards are used to provide an insight and positive outlook for those seeking answers to their most inner questions. Oracle Decks are great for finding inspiration to move to the next level in your life – or just make a difficult decision, by looking at it from a fresh perspective. Oracle Cards are the easiest way to get clear answers, especially if you’re stressed, worried, or sensitive to the energies of this world.



DesertStar Healing Session

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Promotes Natural Self- Healing

Balances Energies in Body

Strengthens Immune System

Treats Symptoms & Causes of Ailment(s)

Relieves Pain

Clears Toxins

Adapts to Natural Needs of Receiver

Enhances Personal Awareness

Relaxes & Reduces Stress Levels

Promotes Creativity

Releases Suppressed Feelings

Aids in Meditation & Positive Thinking

Heals Holistically

Assists in Transitioning Through Life Transformations


Meridians ~ Energy Pathways

 ~ Meridians ~

Meridians are invisible pathways through which Qi flows that form an energy network that connects all parts of the body, and the body to the universe. Qi  (pronounced “Chi”) is translated as vital energy. Qi has two aspects: one is energy, power, or force; the other is conscious intelligence or information. In the human body, Qi flows through Meridians, Channels or Energy Pathways. Twelve major Meridians run through the body, these Channels are linked to a specific organ or organ system making the organism a unified whole. The Meridian System links Meridians with each other and connects all body structures; skin, tendons, bone, internal organs, cells, atoms. Meridians connect the interior with exterior and the upper body with the lower body. Meridians respond to and carry stimulation as well as transmit information; they have the ability to bring healing energy to local, as well as distant, parts of the body. Meridians serve as lines of communication among the organs and the body; provide the ebb and flow of vital energy in the body, help maintain balance and provide warmth and nourishment for the whole body. Meridians are also sensitive to time and place; they reflect and respond to the changing energy of the seasons, the time of day and the climate of a particular place. Meridians work by regulating the energy functions of the body and keeping it in harmony. Energy Work, as well as other Alternative Therapies such as Acupuncture, can stimulate the relevant Meridian(s) to help clear, realign and balance the affected Energy Pathways. When the Meridian System functions well, the body; including its mind, spirit and emotions, is healthy and maintains balance and harmony.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory States:

“As long as Qi flows freely through the Meridians and the Organs work in Harmony, the Body can Avoid Disease.”





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“Ashley, thank …

“Ashley, thank you very much for this beautiful reading! I really enjoyed reading it” ~M.D.

Angel Tarot Card & Messages from the Fairies Oracle Card Reading


” I had a one h…

” I had a one hour Healing Session with Ashley. During the session I could feel the heaviness on the left side of my body release, it is now gone. After the session I felt like I could breathe again! Very relaxing feeling; calmness & balance. Thank You” ~ M.W.

Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Gem/Mineral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Energetic Cleanse.

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