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2013 Summer Healing Specials

DesertStar Summer Healing Specials!


Distance Healing Session
Reg. $50/1hr ~ Special $40/1hr

Tarot & Oracle Card Reading
Reg. $30/1hr ~ Special $20/1hr

Distance Healing Sessions
Working with Spirit-Guided Healing Energies & Tools 
Session Includes; Individualized Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Energetic Cleanse, Gem/Mineral Therapy, Intuitive Nutritional/Supplemental Suggestions & Body System Information.
Tarot/Oracle Card Reading
Tarot may be used to inspire us in view of a certain issue(s), to try to figure out which is the best way to follow in view of certain situation, and as a guide or comfort.
Oracle Cards are used to provide an insight and positive outlook for those seeking answers to their inner most questions.
Receive Detailed Guidance and Answers to Your Questions utilizing Angel Tarot Cards and/or specifically chosen Oracle Cards via Email.



Distance Healing

Distance Healing

Distance Healing Ceremony utilizes an energetic process where DesertStar Healing is in one location and the client is in another. Shamanistic Healing works in a dimension beyond space and time, making it possible to offer this method of Healing effectively at a distance, without being in the physical presence of the client. To perform a Distance Healing, DesertStar Healing will need the client’s name and date of birth.  Our energy body and soul are not limited by space, time or location; if you or a loved one is in the hospital, out of the state or in another country, DesertStar Healing offer’s Distance Healing Session(s).

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