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DesertStar Healing facilitates the balancing of physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual energies. DesertStar Healing works with the client to heal, balance & align physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by working with the subtle energy field’s that are within and around our bodies utilizing traditional & modern practices.


Japanese Healing Art

“Laying on of hands” Healing Technique

Physical Emotional Mental & Spiritual

Healing Awareness & Wellness


Shamanistic Healing

Working with Spirit-Guided

Healing Energies & Tools

Individualized Spiritual Healing, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Distance Healing, Space Blessing


Qi Gong

Chinese Healing Art

Cultivating Energy for the Release of

Toxins from Injury or Ailment


Tibetan Pulsing

Tibetan Healing Technique

Acupressure,Color,Sound & Aroma Therapies

Connect Open Re-Align Balance and Ground


Chakra Balancing

Chakra—Spiraling Energy Centers in Body

Working with Chakras, Sound, Light, & Color

To Heal Re-Align & Balance the Chakras


Energetic Cleanse

Smudging of Herbs

Aroma & Sound Therapy

Purify & Cleanse the Energy Field

Physical Spiritual and Emotional Balance


Past Life Regression

Guidance into a Light-Trance State

Re-Experience Previous Lifetimes

Heal the Root Cause of Ailment(s) in this Life

Emotional & Spiritual Healing


Color & Sound Therapy

Vibrational Healing Technique Utilizing

Fabric, Light, Candles, Gemstone Infused Essential Oil’s, Music,Instruments & Voice

Initiates Recognition, Understanding, Knowledge, Restoration, Re-Centering & Self Healing



Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique

Involves the Burning of Mugwort (herb) contained in a MoxiStick.

Facilitate Healing, Strengthen the Blood, Stimulate the Flow of Qi & Maintain Wellness



Holistic Healing Practice

Working with Essences, Energy & Healing Properties of Essential Oil, Incense & Herbs

Relaxation, Clarity, Healing & Prevention


Gem/Mineral Therapy

Alternative Healing Art

Placement of Gem & Minerals

Within and Around the Aura, Chakras and Body

Harmonize, Vitalize and Balance Energies



External Detoxification Method

Detoxify your Body while Comfortably Seated with Feet Placed in a Container of Warm Water

Feel Clearer,Lighter,Experience Higher Energy Levels, Lower Stress Levels & Relaxation

Optimal Health & Wellness through Ionic Process


Space Clearing & Protecting

Individualized Space Cleansing & Protection of Environment Utilizing Traditional & Modern Practices to Clear & Protect from negative Energies that may cause Subconscious,Emotional,Physical,Mental & Spiritual unease, discomfort, or ailment(s)

Creating the Space for Positive Energy to Flow In With & Around You


Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

Tarot may be used to inspire us in view of a certain issue(s), to try to figure out which is the best way to follow in view of certain situation, and as a guide or comfort. Oracle Cards are used to provide an insight and positive outlook for those seeking answers to their inner most questions.

Receive Detailed Guidance and Answers to Your Questions.


DesertStar Flower Essences

Energetic and Vibrational form of plant medicine that works primarily on the emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. DesertStar Flower Essences are prepared from wildcrafted flowers with spring water and brandy.

Shift Emotional and Spiritual blocks/obstacles to Physical Healing and Change.



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  1. Felicity said:

    how can I purchase your essences?

  2. Felicity said:

    thank you so much

  3. hi, i’m interested in buying lavender essence and not sure how to purchase as well.

  4. Hi There! Trying to find a contact button to request a session. Are you taking new clients? Thank you! Sema

    • Hi Sema, thanks so much for getting in touch! I am currently in the process of change. If you’d like, I would love for you to follow me on my new site @earthsolhealing for updates on when I will be accepting new clients, and also the grand opening of my shop! Blessings. ❤

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