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Tibetan Pulsing

Tibetan Pulsing

Tibetan Pulsing is a form of light acupressure and a relaxing bodywork technique with a powerful energy process. It aims to bring about deep healing and transformation on all levels. Tibetan Pulsing works to transform emotional and physical imbalances that are held in the body, and balances the emotions, relaxes the mind and renews the physical body. Tibetan Pulsing does not work by analyzing the mind it goes straight to the root of problems such as depression, emotional stress, anxiety, fear, grief and low confidence. There are twenty four energy circuits that are incorporated into this comprehensive healing system. These include the various organs of the body such as the kidneys, spleen and adrenals. This healing technique enables us to work through painful experiences that have been held in our system and have taken up our energy for years. Whenever emotions are transformed the body, mind, spirit feels greatly unburdened and fresh insights emerge. As this healing occurs we rediscover our inner knowing that has long been lost to us. With Tibetan Pulsing, the trauma is released without re-experiencing the event and the difficult events from the past may no longer carry the same tension and meaning, allowing us to forgive ourselves and others. The results may be profound and far reaching, with physical tensions releasing and emotional well being returning. A new strength and confidence may arise and can transmit to peoples work, relationships, creativity and health. Many feel a sense of empowerment and notice that their relationships become more nourishing. This is simply because the energy is no longer held back in various patterns of suffering. Tibetan Pulsing clears and balances the nervous system, aids in healing ailments, and restores the body’s natural energy flow. We are pulsating beings. The pulse is light, light is love. Our vital life force never stops pulsing.  Pulsing is a natural and powerful way of healing and regenerating ourselves from the deepest level. A Tibetan Pulsing Healing Session experience is one of deep relaxation through which inner energy starts to transform. The Sessions act to take the power out of our resentments, doubts, fears and anxieties while nourishing the mind, body, and spirit on all levels.

With the Tibetan Pulsing Technique:

The Client’s Aura is Cleared
Chakras & Meridians are Cleared and Opened
Trauma is Released from the Client

Tibetan Pulsing Benefits:

1. Aligning Energy/Chakras/Bodies/Circuits.

When working with the ‘pulse’ healing does not necessarily have to take a long time.

2.  Regenerating

Regenerating our energy circuits, or organs, from low energy, candida, depression, illness or trauma past or present, operations, etc. The pulse from our life force has the power to regenerate and rebalance instantly.

3. Transforming Negative Energy into Positive Energy

Transforming negative charge created by shocks, trauma, dysfunctional patterns and learned behavior into positive energy.

4.  Clearing Immune System

The pulse is amazing for giving boost to immune system, empowerment on physical/or emotional level.

5.  Emotions

Unresolved emotions can create all sorts of problems in our life, from cancer to dysfunctional behaviour patterns.  A major part of the work on ourselves is realising it is safe to feel and our feelings are not wrong and by blocking them, we go around in circles never knowing why.  Talking and understanding may not be enough.  We need to work with our feeling and connect with our energy.

6.  Transformation

Alchemical process for bring light to the electrical circuits to embrace divine qualities of the organs inherent from Divine Blueprint residing in the Cells and DNA.



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