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Spring 2014 DesertStar TarotScopes

DesertStar TarotScopes

Spring 2014


Intuitive Sun Sign TarotScopes

aries1(March 20 – April 19)

Everything seems to be coming together rather quickly for you, Aries. If you’re feeling overwhelmed emotionally – take some time to reflect and focus on the positive. This will assist you in expressing your individuality and creativity as well as enabling you to put things in perspective, quite possibly bringing forth a center of emotion that previously had not been acknowledged. With a renewed sense of being you are able to make your grand entrance into that social gathering or into the heart of another, riding on the waves of freedom.

 taurus2(April 19 – May 20)

You have the tools and belief system to see you through, Taurus. You may be facing a situation influenced from a past life experience – by healing that past you will bring healing into the present. There are many avenues that may present themselves to you; by following your inner guidance you are able to tune in and channel the energy that is needed in choosing the right direction. Allow yourself the awareness of others’ motives, however, as they may not be in line with what your vision or ideas for yourself are at this time.

 gemini2(May 20 – June 21)

With the return of the light of Spring comes a need for reestablishing a connection between yourself and nature.  By creating this space you are able to let go of negative thought patterns, thus allowing positive energy to flow. Break this negative pattern and experience a breath of fresh air and restful nights, Gemini.  You can attract the help that is needed by opening your heart and mind to acceptance – of yourself and others. Remember to take extra time for self-care during this cycle of completion.

cancer2 (June 21 – July 22)

This is a time of new beginnings for you, Cancer. With this new beginning comes a sense of new-found strength and confidence.  You will receive insights and ideas that establish a strong foundation that will lead you to success. Allowing yourself to be in harmony with your thoughts and surroundings will enable you to transition rather smoothly with the changes that are occurring. Focus your attention especially on the many blessings that surround you.

leo2(July 22 – August 22)

Sometimes in life when something seems to be blocking your path, it may actually be assisting you in moving toward a different direction. Now is the time to release whatever that may be, Leo. This is a time of spiritual transformation and it would be beneficial to surround yourself with those that encourage and support your growth on this path. Remember, you have acquired the tools that are needed for this transformation, and you are now prepared to share in your knowledge and wisdom with others.

virgo2(August 22 – September 22)

You are finding your voice in the world, Virgo – creative self-expression will assist you in both the grounding and movement of this energy. Take the time that is needed to focus on a specific direction or goal, however, as your energy is spread out among too many ideas. Your past experience has given you a sense of independence and trust in following your inner guidance; allow this to be the key to your intentions and believe in all that you can do and accomplish.

libra2(Sept 22 – October 23)

In order to better understand and appreciate the light we sometimes need to go through the darkness. Libra, does this sound familiar? If so, you will be content in knowing that you are well on your way back into the light. This is an ending of a difficult situation and with all endings come new beginnings. By taking the first step in closing one door – you open others to new possibilities. Celebrate this new beginning by making positive changes and taking some time for yourself.

scorpio2 (October 23 – November 22)

As Spring blossoms with new life there is a sense of renewal within your own, Scorpio. It is also a good time to take action when it comes to things needing to be completed or simply started – it is important to remember to honor yourself and others through the commitments you may have already established, before making other plans. A new idea that you may receive is meant to be shared with others – continue to work on it, as you are on the right path.

sagittarius2(November 22 – December 21)

This is a time of self-realization, Sagittarius. It is important that you stay true to your heart, self and feelings when searching for guidance on this new-found path.  Listen to the messages that you may be receiving at this time; whether in the form of nature, dreams, or intuition – for you are being guided by Universal forces. It is also a time for balance; so remember to have fun along with fulfilling your responsibilities, as this will assist in leading you to fields of success.

capricorn2(December 21 – January 20)

It is a good idea to take a step back, removing yourself from the current of others, and to open your eyes to the possibilities that life has to offer you. You may feel as though you have missed an opportunity, Capricorn, but in all actuality you are right where you need to be. Take with you the knowledge gained through this experience and release that which no longer serves your higher self. Your loved ones in spirit are waving hello and giving you assurance that you’ll be alright.

aquarius2 (January 20 – February 19)

You may be standing at a crossroad and indecisive about the direction that you should go, but remember that all roads lead to the same point in time – it depends upon which road you wish to travel in order to arrive. Have courage and believe in yourself, Aquarius. Show the world who you really are, and what you were born to do – become the true you.

pisces2(February 19- March 20)

You’ve come full circle, Pisces, and will experience the fruition of the seeds that you planted some time ago. With a strong sense of self and well-being and with your heart and mind in the right place, you can attract the positive energy that is needed to assist you. As the season changes, you are encouraged to continue on your path of good health that surrounds you at this time. Remember, you deserve only the best, and this is all you should focus your attention on.


DesertStar Healing Intuitive TarotScopes utilizing Doreen Virtues’ Tarot & Oracle Cards


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March 2014 Gemstone ~ Citrine


Pronunciation: \ˈsi-ˌtrīn\

Color: Varies in shade from very pale yellow to a deep amber, nearly orange, with some specimens exhibiting brownish tinges.

Appearance:  Crystal system is trigonal and its yellow pigmentation is derived from iron.

Source: Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, France, Scotland, USA


The name Citrine comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon. Citrine was used as a gem in Greece as far back as 300 B.C. and was worked into cabochon ring stones and intaglios in Greece and Rome through the first and second centuries A.D.

Much of the commercial Citrine on the market is heat treated Amethyst. In general, the deeper amber and orangish shades are heat treated. Natural Citrines are mostly a pale yellow color. There is a tremendous difference between the appearance of the orange-yellow heat treated Citrine commonly found on the market and smoky golden natural Citrine. That difference extends to these stones’ energies, as well.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Citrine

Keywords: Manifestation,personal will, mental clarity, creativity

Citrine opens the inner doors to increased clarity of thought, enhanced creativity and magnified powers of will and manifestation. Citrine in both natural and heated forms, stimulates imagination through three portals the 2nd, 3rd, & 6th Chakras. The vibratory resonance of Citrine activates and harmonizes these three energy centers, all of which are necessary to the process of creative imagination.

Through the 6th Chakra -the Third Eye- Citrine activates the thinking process and enhances mental clarity, as well as the visionary function through which inner images appear. Through the 2nd Chakra – the Sacral- Citrine stimulates the creative function, the wellspring from which new potentials are born. It is fitting that this Chakra is also the sexual energy center, the source of both types of ‘conceptions,’ imaginal and biological. Through the 3rd Chakra- the Solar Plexus- Citrine generates the human dynamo of personal will. Citrine strengthens the 3rd Chakra -Solar Plexus- , and through that, one can more readily dig down and find the persistence to ‘make it happen.’

Citrine is our foremost ally in the process of manifestation. The vibration of Citrine stimulates our 2nd & 3rd Chakras, initiating our creative energy and our will, and increasing our ability to bring energy into form. Citrine enables us to open more fully to the energy of Divine Will and the path of love. By resonating with Citrine, we are reminded that we are loved and supported by the Universe in our efforts towards manifestation. When one chooses the path of love and joy, opening to the power of Divine Will, Citrine supports us in bringing forth what is truly beautiful.

GemStone Healing Combinations

Citrine works synergistically with many stones, and one can choose combinations based on where one feels the need to add (or multiply) additional energy. Heliodor, Golden Labradorite and Imperial Topaz add power to third chakra, seat of the personal will. For additional emphasis on the creative function, Zincite, Orange Calcite and Carnelian are excellent choices. For enhancing the visionary function, Phenacite, Azeztulite and Natrolite are ideal allies. To bring in more spiritual energies from higher realms, Amethyst, Petalite, Danburite, Clear Apophyllite, Scolecite and/or Herderite can be of great assistance.

Healing Properties of Natural Citrine

Natural Citrine carries a powerful frequency that allows for the clearing and strengthening of the manifestation channel and one’s personal will. Its purifying properties come from its natural Smoky Quartz energy, combined with the stimulating Fire element it carries. The phantoms that often appear in natural Citrine allow one to connect to one’s Higher Self, so one can focus on manifesting those creations most aligned with one’s highest good.

Natural Citrine stimulates the 1st-3rd Chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus). These are the points at which the high-frequency energies of the emotional and spiritual planes manifest into the lower frequency realm of physicality. In other words, these Chakras are where energy becomes physical. For this reason, they are powerful points in one’s energy systems for manifestation and creation work. They are also the points where we tend to experience the most blockages to manifestation. These areas have to do with our sense of deserving what we want and taking the initiative to create it. Natural Citrine allows blockages in these areas to become apparent so they can be cleared. It not only stimulates these areas, but also clears any energetic blocks, allowing for a freer flow through the manifestation channel.

In addition to its manifestation properties, Natural Citrine is also a powerful purifier of one’s will center. It helps one perceive and heal issues of power abuse and feelings of powerlessness. It enables one to understand the proper action to take to resolve situations for the higher good. It lends one courage and fortitude to make hard choices or take difficult actions.


Natural Citrine is the great manifestor, allowing one to purify the manifestation channel and bring Divine energy into form through intention and action. It assists one in maintaining one’s direction when the going gets difficult, or when obstacles appear in one’s path.


Natural Citrine assists one in overcoming difficulty, maintaining effort through adversity, and taking decisive action to resolve difficult situations. It assists one in overcoming feelings of being undeserving of abundance.


Natural Citrine enhances physical stamina and energy, supports the endocrine system and encourages proper metabolism.


I open myself to the inspiration of my creative imagination, and through the strength of my will, aligned with Divine will, I manifest my dreams.




1st — Root

2nd — Sacral

3rd  —  Solar Plexus




Gemini, Virgo

Vibrates to the Number





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The Book of Stones; Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian,, navitascrystals

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