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Shamanistic Extraction

 Shamanistic Extraction

Shamanistic Extraction is the removal of displaced energy, sometimes called intrusions or spirit attachments.  This is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause: discomfort, irritation, pain, ailment and dis-ease. When in a vulnerable, weakened state, and your energy field is open it is possible for entities that don’t belong to enter our bodies. These energies may be from past wounds/past lives/present trauma. DesertStar Healing views an intrusion as an imbalance that can be corrected by helping energy return to its proper place. DesertStar Healing performs a Healing Ceremony to Extract (remove) the spiritual intrusion(s). Extraction may also be performed on homes and work settings. Removing energetic intrusions can restore a person’s energy field to the harmoniously functioning state, thus helping alleviate chronic pains, irritations, emotional issues and restoring one to balance. Create Balance & Harmony in the Energy Body and Cleanse & Protect the Luminous Energy Body.

Symptoms of Needing an Extraction:

  1. Feel exhausted or drained of energy
  2. Rapid character shifts or mood swings
  3. Insomnia.  Repeating dreams, nightmares or night terrors
  4. Fear of going crazy- “losing one’s mind”
  5. Panic or anxiety attack
  6. Body shaking on the inside
  7. Being attacked by virus
  8. Migraine headaches
  9. Memory problems
  10. Loss of time
  11. Poor concentration
  12. Sexual problems
  13. Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause
  14. Feelings of confusion, disconnection from life, or not all here.
  15. At times you experience emotions that do not seem to be your own.
  16. You feel under the influence of someone or something else that directs your feelings or behavior.
  17. You sense that you are not alone in your body.
  18. Hearing intrusive thoughts and voices
  19. Emotional and/or physical reactions to learning about spirit attachment
  20. Recognition that some behavior is not consistent with your personality.
  21. The realization of “That wasn’t me!” after something you’ve thought, said or done.
  22. Nightmares of death or being chased.
  23. Problems following use of Ouija board.
  24. Feelings of being followed or stalked
  25. Sudden cravings for drugs, cigarettes and alcohol

When Does Spirit Attachment Happen?

When you are in a vulnerable or weakened state, and your energy field is open.

  • During traumatic and abusive events, especially sexual abuse
  • During moments of fear and panic
  • While using alcohol, drugs, narcotics, pain pills, sleeping pills
  • During severe emotional experiences (such as anger, rage, hatred, desire for revenge, depression, and self-destructive feelings)
  • While giving or receiving healing energy without proper spiritual protection
  • While knocked unconscious from accidents or falls with a blow to the head
  • While unconscious during surgical anesthesia
  • Organ transplant
  • Death of family members or friends
  • Terminated pregnancies or miscarriages of your own or your mother
  • While visiting hospitals or places where people are in fear
  • While visiting places with a history of tragic death
  • During combat

Spirit Attachment of dark energies or demonic entities may cause:

  1. Sudden severe illness
  2. Night terrors and nightmares
  3. Suicidal thoughts
  4. Obsessive compulsive thoughts
  5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms
  6. Post Partum Depression
  7. Irrational behavior
  8. Multiple personalities
  9. Sexual Abuse
  10. Criminal behavior
  11. Mental illness
  12. Insanity
  13. Patterns of trauma and tragedy in family
  14. Schizophrenia
  15. Fear of a Higher Power, White Light, Spiritual Deities

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