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Space Blessing

Space Blessing

Space Blessing involves a Shamanistic Ceremony where DesertStar Healing will Cleanse and Bless the Space. Space Blessing removes negative energies, spirits, and redirects the energy flow in your home or business, allowing for harmonious and balanced energy flow. Client’s experience: a much lighter, harmonious feeling in their home or business, an increase in prosperity, improvements in the relationships between them and others in/around property, allows for new possibilities and facilitates transitions in life.

Reasons for Space Blessings: 

  • There is conflict within a home or business
  • You feel negative energy, coldness, “darkness”, or spirits in any room or in the whole location
  • Healing Arts are performed at a location, including massage, reiki, yoga, and medicine, which cause a client to release negative energy
  • After moving to a new location
  • After construction or remodeling
  • After misfortune
  • During and after periods of illness
  • If you are finding evidence of black arts being practiced around your location
  • Prior to selling a home or business
  • Before a celebration or rite of passage
  • When you are looking to increase prosperity and abundance

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