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12.21.13 Winter Solstice Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Winter Solstice Cosmic Oracle


IMG_20131227_143027_490-1Pandora ~ Gift of Hope

The Heroine’s Journey

While the journey of the Sun through the constellations inspired the heroic quest, the changing phases of the Moon direct the heroine. Guided by lunar instincts, the heroine follows destiny’s course through the passages and periods of life, revealing archetypal truths about human condition.



Pandora inspires us to tap our inner reservoirs of faith and hope to support us through difficult times. On a divinatory level, the card augurs a healing balm after recent difficulties.

Feminine Wisdom

No matter how painful and devastating events may be, the goddess bestows her benevolent gift of renewal through the auspices of faith and hope.

Winter Solstice * Venus Retrograde


wintersol2013Venus in Capricorn will turn retrograde a few hours after Winter Solstice on December 21st for 40 days, when it will sink into the Sun’s light to be reborn as a Morning Star. Venus goes direct on January 31, 2014 at 14* Capricorn

One look at her stunning visual brilliance and it’s certainly no surprise the ancients named her in honor of the goddess of beauty and desire.  For those so attuned to the magical and energetic pulsations of the cosmos, one glance at Venus creates a slight tug on your heart chakra.

Venus has a powerful magnetic appeal and resonance. Aside from her obvious visual beauty in the heavens, her cycle around the Sun, from our geocentric perspective, is mind boggling in its precision, perfection and accuracy.

Venus’ synodic cycle forms a near perfect rose shaped pattern. And within this perfectly symmetrical natural formation lies a stunning pentagram–each end formed by her retrograde stations that alternate between five zodiac signs.

The cycle of Venus moves to a very predictable rhythm and beat, with her retrogrades occurring in approximately the same location (within 2 or 3 degrees) every eight years.

As Venus travels through the great firmament, she weaves a beautifully intricate web that interconnects various timelines. She weaves our fate, so you could say, and when Venus turns retrograde many ‘fated’ encounters begin to emerge from the shadows of time.

New people, or creatures, with a familiar vibe suddenly emerge. Have we met them before? Perhaps from another life—perhaps a long time ago in another dimensional plane of existence, or another planet, maybe.

That sense of familiarity is important, and it’s all that matters. From that point on you know: there’s some important business to settle, some desire to exhaust fully.

Venus is magnetic and attractive. These connections reemerge because of this attractive force field inherent to the psyche…When Venus turns retrograde, we must re-connect bridges we may have burned but regretted. We must balance the scales in some way.

We turn our gaze backward; our ‘karma’ attracts some ‘unfinished business‘ with a particular association or experience our soul [or maybe ego] felt was incomplete, unresolved or unfulfilled. Something deeply fateful begins or comes to conclusion.

Either way, the pain, the joy, or the indifference is curiously familiar. It’s all happened before. This is a familiar crossroads. There was a lesson we didn’t learn, and now we get a chance to see it.

When Venus turns retrograde, as with all retrogrades, we must reassess some things. With Venus one keyword is reevaluation.

Our value system gets scrutinized, by ourselves or by others. Our relationships reveal shadows and blind-spots we usually push aside to keep the peace or to maintain a veneer of social grace or politeness.

A Venus retrograde can bring about a reevaluation of issues of dependency, self-sufficiency and emotional communication within relationships. Whether her dark side or light side emerges, something shifts, something changes. Values are called into question, as well as the personal sense of feeling valuable, lovable and worthy.

This retrograde cycle can be incredibly useful because it helps to create or reevaluate strategies to effectively and precisely break free of controlling or stifling circumstances.

The seriousness and focus of Capricorn lends well to getting to the bottom line, dealing honestly and authentically with things we don’t usually see, and very efficiently dealing with unresolved and deeply embedded karmic issues.

In addition to her conjunction with Pluto, Venus will oppose Jupiter in Cancer. The past and the future are at odds here. A desire to mature, grow up and restructure our lives finds a strong counter desire to remain in the past, to keep from rocking the boat.

But while Venus is retrograde, we must keep in mind that this is a natural time of reflection and reassessment. The ghosts of the past come out to bring us messages and reveal lessons.

This is a highly growth oriented cycle…This may be more of a time for intimacy with oneself, to practically restructure personal goals, relationship needs, and inherent values. This may also be a time of sorting through or processing painful emotional material.

With the presence of Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, this is a cycle that deeply emphasizes letting go and allowing those decaying elements to leave our experience.

With Venus turning backwards, there may be a profound change of heart. There may be a need to face deeply embedded fears and realities that our holding us back. Whatever happens, Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn, teach us about trust.

Can we trust the process at hand? Can we trust that letting go will eventually lead to something new and rewarding?

Venus Retrograde Apothecary Suggestions


As you reevaluate what you value, write about it in a journal. Since the energy of Venus retrograde is more internal than external, writing at this time may be especially helpful as a way to express pent-up energies. Plus, it will help your thoughts and feelings to become clearer, and you’ll have a record of your reflections that you can turn to in the future. While typing your thoughts into a computer may work well, consider using an actual journal; the tactile and tangible beauty of paper is well matched to Venusian aesthetics.

Collage project

Even for those who consider themselves not artistically inclined, a collage project can be a wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing activity to partake in while Venus is retrograde. Not only is making a collage a creative expression, but it can be a great vehicle for inventive problem solving. For this aim, focus on a challenge in a relationship for which you seek a solution. Holding the relationship in your mind’s eye, cut out words and images from old magazines and newspapers that reflect aspects of the situation as well as its potential resolution. Glue these to poster board adding fabric, shells, charms, or other small bric-a-brac in an arrangement that makes sense to you. This type of project honors the retrograde energy really nicely because we can repurpose material objects, finding a new value for them as they help us create a work of art that can offer some insight and clarity. Remember that there is no right or wrong here when it comes to the collage; just use your imagination and allow your creativity to flow in your quest for discovery.

venus.solstice{Venus Retrograde Information}

Cathy Pagano,Chad Woodward,


11.3.13 New Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar New Moon Cosmic Oracle




Chthonic Goddesses

Chthonic Goddesses dwelled in the Earth and ruled the Underworld. These potent goddesses of magic and mystery knew the feminine secrets of the eternal round. When these initiatory goddesses appear, a transforming experience is inevitable.



The myth of Eris suggests that when we ignore or repress strife, it returns to create chaos. The card signals a situation that needs to be confronted directly and honestly even though it may be unpleasant or disruptive. Eris recognizes that action is necessary to prevent disconcerting consequences.

Feminine Wisdom

Conflict is an aspect of the human drama. When we confront discord openly, the issue can be resolved and released.

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse occurs on November 3rd, 2013 at 4:50 am PST/ 7:50am EST/ 12:50pm GMT. Most of the eclipse can be seen in the Atlantic, southwestern Europe and most of Africa. People on the East Coast of the Americas can see it toward sunset.


A solar eclipse disrupts the energy flow between the Sun and Earth and helps establish new energy channels for new possibilities.

This Scorpio New Moon is a rare hybrid Solar Eclipse, both an annular and total eclipse.  An annular eclipse is when there’s a ring of fire around the Sun; a total eclipse is when the Moon blocks out all of the Sun’s rays. Scorpio is the sign of regeneration and teaches us how to shed our skins and peel away the layers to uncover our gleaming core. Radiance is the result of allowing the uniqueness within each of us to shine forth.

The last eleven degree Scorpio solar eclipse was on November 3, 1994. What changed for you in 1994 and 1995? What did you begin then?  How have you found completion since then?  What is calling to you now?

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse is teaching you to forgive others and yourself. The eclipse message is prepare for new pathways, potentials and possibilities.

The Solar Eclipse symbolizes ‘light of awareness’ and new beginnings in astrology. They are considered to be major turning points and open doorways for opportunities. So consider this New Moon phase intensely energized to be empowered, trust in new ways and express creative energy in positive passionate ways. What intention or ‘symbolic’ seed will you plant within your subconscious?

Define yourself by what is true for you. Live your life from your own terms.  Live from the inside out.

When we have creative interaction with people inspired by original creative visions, we can create a new social order.  We do have to step into our new roles as leaders and visionaries if we are to change our politics and save the world.  With this Solar Eclipse, we come to the end of a cycle and the ground is now fertile for new seeds, new ideas, new intentions.

Scorpio is the Eagle – The Eagle who soars above karma and drama where many folks are entangled. Keep your frequency at the level of Eagle who can see from on high what is true.

Your purpose here is that of the Phoenix – to arise out of the ashes of its own flames and be renewed and reborn. The time is about making right choices and maintaining your focus no matter what is transpiring around you. If you’re experiencing the negative pole of Scorpio – resentment, stubbornness, fear, blame, jealousy, suspicion-you’re on the wrong track; cut it. Regroup and align to Higher Power. Discipline means practicing in every moment.

We no longer have to live life in the same old way. We can envision a more honest and direct way of living. More vibrant and alive. And the best way to bring that vision into reality is to begin right now by looking within, observing the truth and speaking it back to ourselves with awareness and love, knowing that, ultimately, it is this very truth – no matter how unpalatable – which will set us completely free.

There is also wonderful potential for words and communication to be fluid and healing now. Let peace radiate from you silently and infuse into any given situation that requires greater peace, healing or wholeness.


Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio Apothecary Suggestions

Gemstones, Essential Oil’s & Flower Essences’s

Scorpio is associated with the genitals, reproductive system, urinary tract, and large intestines. Pay attention to these parts of the body and areas of health around the time of this New Moon.


Scorpio New Moon Gemstones

Pearl, Moonstone, Tektite, Opal

Scorpio New Moon Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil

During the Scorpio New Moon—a time of rebirth and revival—it’s good to know about helichrysum essential oil, itself known for its regenerative properties. Also known as everlasting and immortelle, helichrysum is a favorite when the skin needs assistance in healing scars and wounds. Its regenerative properties may also be experienced on an emotional level, as many find that it helps to release repressed feelings while catalyzing greater self-compassion.

Scorpio New Moon Flower Essence

Pink Monkeyflower

As the Scorpio energy allows us to probe deeply, this New Moon can be an auspicious time to go within and find the aspects of ourselves that we have been hiding, likely because of fear of being vulnerable or concern that if we show who we truly are we may be abandoned. This emotional armoring—usually accompanied by an inherited sense of shame–keeps us from sharing ourselves truly with others (and sometimes even with ourselves) and restricts us from living more freely. Pink Monkeyflower flower essence can help fortify our hearts, assisting us in taking emotional risks so that we can let our selves more fluidly flow through. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)


[New Moon in Scorpio Information]

planetary apothecary,, Sarah Varcas, Cathy Pagano, Kelly Rosano, Dipali Desai, Patricia Liles

10.18.13 — Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 10.18.13 —




Chthonic Goddesses

Chthonic Goddesses dwelled in the Earth and ruled the Underworld. These potent goddesses of magic and mystery knew the feminine secrets of the eternal round. When these initiatory goddesses appear, a transforming experience is inevitable.



We encounter Hecate when the paths of our lives converge and we are uncertain which direction to follow. She shepherds the way with her canine companions and lights the path with her torch. Knowing the wisdom of cycles, and their triune phases of birth, death and rebirth, the lunar goddess also represents women’s menstrual cycles and life transitions. She appears on the threshold of change as women enter new phases of their lives. During a transition, Hecate encourages you to neither look back to the past nor rush forward into the future. Petition her wisdom to relieve the anxiety, insecurity and uncertainty that accompany change.

Feminine Wisdom

Create rituals to help you navigate feelings of confusion, loss and disconnection at crossroads and to manage the transition.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries

The lunar eclipse occurs on Friday, October 18, 2013 at 4:37pm PDT/ 7:37pm EDT/ 11:37 pm GMT.  It can be seen in Europe, Africa and the Americas.


 We have officially entered Eclipse season and are moving toward two upcoming eclipses (10.18 & 11.3). The theme of balance continues as we are feeling pressure to take action in those places where we are out of balance to bring those aspects of our lives into right relation. Action is being called for yet we must practice mindfulness.

Because the Earth blocks the Sun’s light during a lunar eclipse, we see the Moon directly.  A lunar eclipse stirs up the emotional body, bringing up what our patriarchal-shaped egos have repressed or forgotten, making us aware of our hidden motivations.  Usually we hide from fear, so confront your fears and look at your real motivations for doing what you do. Their effect can last between six months and two years. They herald major endings and beginnings in the area where they occur in your natal birth chart

A lunar eclipse can bring up the Shadow; we can act it out unconsciously or recognize and integrate it into our conscious personality and act accordingly.

This full moon phase will be highly active on the emotional level. The Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries urge each person to find harmony between individuality and collaboration.  You will learn a lot about yourself through relating with others now, especially about unresolved emotions that appear during this phase.

This eclipse comes to remind us that who we are is written nowhere but in our own hearts, and it is there we will discover it. As with the last several Full Moons, important transformations helping us see a deeper Mystery are evoked by this Lunation. This calls us to a greater empathy and ability to know shared feelings, and continues to educate us in an emotional understanding.

The Aries eclipse compels you to take action. You may feel highly motivated and ready to blaze a new trail.

Everyone will go through important releases of energy, people, and elements that would prevent them from being the spiritual potential they hold in the depths of their Being. This is a threshold, and some people cannot go through it with us, nor can we cross their threshold with them. So let go and unveil yourself with focus and compassion.

Hold on lightly not tightly is the Aries eclipse message. Maintaining a light attachment to relationships, situations and outcomes proves wise.  Hang loose, don’t make any rash decisions. Go with the flow and be patient. Take your time with important matters.

Mars shows that we will be able to count on our ‘invisible helpers’ when it seems all else fails, and that these experiences will show us hidden powers in our Being. Regardless of the crisis, we will have major angelic (Devic) help at our disposal.

Things will be very unique in how they unfold over the next few months, and we will see a lot with new eyes, new understanding, and new skills. Much will be released, so stay focused on your Spiritual Brothers and Sisters and deepen your connection with them.

Embrace change. Be the change agent for your life. Change can feel painful at times. When you take the lead change will feel easier. Do what is right for you.

We are creating the New Earth together with our thoughts, words and deeds. The choices we make today determine our tomorrow. Therefore, it is recommended to see where you can take few steps towards practicing the quality of courage, confidence and using your personal power with compassion and wisdom.

The potential:  A feeling greater sense of courage, confidence and ability to take charge or initiative to take care of personal needs and well-being. From a Soul-level perspective, one is able to take action with assertiveness, compassion and wisdom guiding the way.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries Apothecary Suggestions

Gemstones & Flower Essences


Aries Full Moon Gemstones

Pearl, Moonstone, Tektite, Aquamarine

Flower Essences


If you have a very strong sense that it’s not the best time to take action and yet you feel a compulsion to do so anyway, consider Impatiens flower essence. It may help to stem a sense of urgency that is not truly related to the situation at hand but rather to the rushing energetic that could seem pervasive at this time.

Scarlet Monkeyflower

If you find yourself feeling piqued because of injustices but feel that you don’t have the right to express your anger, consider Scarlet Monkeyflower. It can help you connect to and rightfully own the full range of your feelings, and therefore express them in a more conscious, holistic, and self-empowered way.

Tiger Lily Flower Essence

If you’re looking for support to transition from a solely go-it-alone strategy to one where you can clearly identify—and as importantly, allow—productive collaborations, consider Tiger Lily flower essence. It can encourage a shift from self-identified isolation to a receptivity towards participating in cooperative service with others.


[Full Moon in Aries Information]

planetary apothecary,, Sarah Varcas, Cathy Pagano, Kelly Rosano, Dipali Desai, Robert Wilkinson

 [oracle card deck]

Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

10.4.13 — New Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar New Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 10.4.13 —



The First Goddesses

In the beginning there was Chaos, the infinite void through which creation emerged. The most potent goddesses came forward to rule the world and reveal their legacy of ancient wisdom.



Gaia was the first to materialize through the gaping void of Chaos. As the mother of creation, she gave birth to the heavens, the mountains, and the sea. When Gaia is chosen, the individual is in the custody of the Great Mother, protected and nurtured by the natural world and its seasons. On an oracular level, the arrival of Gaia signals a season to experience the world in a new and plentiful way. In this period of formation and creativity, Gaia indicates that you have ample resources. By attuning to the natural world, you will hear her prophecy and prosperity.

Feminine Wisdom

Life renews itself through Gaia who knows the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. Through her we are reborn into a fertile and abundant world.

New Moon in Libra


The Libra New Moon is a potent New Moon.  In fact, this could be the most powerful New Moon of 2013.

Leading up to the New Moon in Libra, there may be a build up of pressure, tension and even fears wanting to be released so there is free and clear energetic space for something new to emerge.

These potent energies are changing you to the core of your being- things that you may have thought were reliable and dependable end. For a cycle you may feel adrift, in transition. Then new doors open and new chapters begin.  You are ushered into a new phase of life

Release and let go of what is not working and/or serving you

Transformation occurs as you release situations and relationships that no longer serve your life purpose. Become who you truly are, rather than who you think you are supposed to be. This is the true meaning of transformation.

The winds of change are blowing. These are intense times. Resistance creates struggle. Instead, pivot into a new direction.

There is wonderful potential under the New Moon in Libra for healing and building concentration on maintaining your standards. Value yourself enough to hold steady to your intention. Also, notice there may be new levels of clarity and opportunity to express your individuality in relationships.  It is possible new relationships enter your world if you are willing and open.

The Scales of Libra are all about balance.

Be true to yourself! The Scale is always in movement, striving to create that one perfect moment of balance. So ride the wind with wings outspread: balance yourself and you can create that balance with anyone else.

As we embrace our own darkness, we become whole. We acknowledge the truth of who we are, which will help us see the truth of others.

This New Moon speaks to us of a gap to be filled, a possibility as yet unrealized and a connection in our lives which could benefit greatly from discovering this missing piece. It is most likely a connection with someone else, but all relationships begin with ourselves, and it may just be our inner relationship which is in need of the greatest adjustment.

 Healing yourself brings healing and restores peace in any relationship past, present and future or personal or professional.

New Moon in Libra Apothecary Suggestions

Gemstones & Flower Essences

Libra is associated with the skin, lower back, and blood sugar balance. Pay attention to these parts of the body and areas of health around the time of this New Moon.


Libra New Moon Gemstones

Pearl, Moonstone, Tektite, Lapis, Tourmaline, Aventurine

DesertStar Large Leaf Aster ~ New Moon Flower Essence

Charged with Rose Quartz & Citrine Gemstones

Scleranthus Flower Essence

During this very diplomatic of times, there’s often a stronger sense that we need to make the “right decision.” And yet that pursuit oftentimes leads to indecision with excess weighing and measuring of options oftentimes leading to wavering and a sense of stasis. If you need assistance fostering a sense of inner resolve that can have you confidently and consciously make choices that feel right to you, consider Scleranthus flower essence. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)

 Adorn your Dining

Libra inspires a reverence for all things graceful, a desire for aesthetic fulfillment, with beauty nurturing a sense of peace within. Taking this into consideration as you create your mealtime can transform it into an occasion that is more soulfully nourishing. Make each meal a special event by easily dressing it up by using candles, placemats, and cloth napkins. If you have fine china and/or silverware you reserve for that every-now-and-then holiday, use it more frequently during this time. Adorning your dining can be a way of adorning your lifestyle, and in turn adorning your sense of well-being.


[New Moon in Libra Information]

planetary apothecary,, Sarah Varcas, Cathy Pagano,Kelly Rosano, Dipali Desai

 [oracle card deck]

Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

9.22.13 — Autumnal Equinox Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Autumnal Equinox Cosmic Oracle




 DesertStar Cosmic Oracle

IMG_20130922_080717_843-1::Let Go::

{As you surrender the need to control, your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desires}

The fairies and the entire Universe understand your desires and needs, and they’ve been trying to bring them to you. You can help your prayers be answered by letting go of the need to control the details or know the future outcome of this situation. The more you can relax and trust, the faster everything will resolve in a positive fashion. The Universe’s plans and standards for you exceed your own, so it’s best to lean upon this Divine wisdom and allow it to unfold in a perfect way. If you need to, experiment with letting go- you can always take back control; however, the fairies are sure that you’ll like the results of releasing and will adopt it as a healthy new lifestyle.

Autumnal Equinox


The Sun enters Libra September 22, 2013 at 4:44 PM EST

The Sun will enter the cardinal, Air Sign of Libra to stay until October 22nd. The Sun’s entry into Libra each year marks the time of the equinox, the first day of autumn, here in the northern hemisphere, the first day of spring south of the equator.

Issues of justice, balance, and harmony — and facing how our own light and dark aspects balance out — become fundamentally important when old Sol waltzes into equinoctial Libra

Ruled by the Goddess of Love, Libra sees cooperation, consideration, and graciousness as mandatory, and she’s right. They are important qualities found among those most capable of successful relating. Because of Libra’s association with relationships and partnerships, these important ‘adventures’ in our lives will be taking on greater significance over the next few weeks as the Sun moves through this Venus-ruled sign.

What other aspect of life provides us with so many ‘opportunities’ to learn lessons of equity and harmony?

There is another side to the equation and Libra’s opposite sign Aries, is just that side. Aries, a fiery yang sign ruled by assertive Mars, is focused on the needs of the individual self; and for Aries, it is the quest for independence that is paramount. So while the Sun is shining through the relationship lens of Libra, it’s a good time to look at which direction the scales are tipped in your life.

Pluto is currently in cahoots with Saturn in Scorpio as the two are in a potent mutual reception: transiting each others signs. Pluto brings to light all of that which is broken, which is deteriorating, and no longer working because the bottom is falling out. If you are caught in the cross hairs of the Uranus/Pluto square you will be struggling with the urge to just get rid of IT, whatever that IT is.

Pluto is the planet that astrologically represents; Profound change, death, rebirth, power issues of survival, the use and abuse of resources, sexual power, all things hidden and taboo — everything buried deep in the vast underground circuits of the psyche are associated with this small and distant, but nevertheless powerful, dwarf planet.

Pluto can see all that you are hiding, hiding even from yourself

Perhaps strange dreams are intruding, disturbing your personal universe, revealing imbalances you need to address more honestly. With Pluto, the truth shall set you free, but first it will undoubtedly irritate, repulse, or scare the living daylights out of you.

Now is not the time to ignore what’s coming up, especially the darker, more disturbing stuff. It is time to face your own dark side and the world’s dark side with courage and conviction.

Water and Earth signs predominate giving strength to the feminine attitude and aspects of life – support, nourishment, cooperation, receptivity, practicality, interdependence, fertility and creativity. With the movement of the Sun into Libra on September 22, we will welcome increased objectivity and perspective, blessed qualities of air signs.


[Autumnal Equinox Information]

Elaine Kalantarian, Pat Liles

[oracle card deck]

Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue

9.19.13 — Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 9.19.13 —



Guardian Goddess

Goddesses guarded spheres of life important to the ancients, and personified virtues, morals and attributes necessary for enriched lives. When one of the Guardian Goddesses is chosen, it suggests that you are being protected. To ensure the blessing of the goddess, a votive should be dedicated to her.



To the Greeks, Lady Luck is Tyche, the goddess who bestows prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. To the Romans she is Fortuna, the goddess who governs the unpredictable wheel of fortune.

On this card, the zodiac is the wheel of life, where man comes to know his own fate through the changing seasons of chance. In Fortuna’s hands destiny may bring sudden fortune or a meteoric rise to success, testing your integrity and your ability to remain centered. On a divinatory level, the fortunes of your life are shifting, perhaps without your choosing. Whether these changes are judged as advantageous or adverse is not important. What is essential is that the changing circumstances are embraced. The appearance of Tyche confirms that you are at an essential turning point necessitating movement and change.

Feminine Wisdom

Life feels insecure when we are caught up in the ceaseless change of the outer world. Tyche leads us into the fortunes of the inner life where challenges may lead to unexpected good fortune.

Full Moon in Pisces

This month’s Full Moon falls at 27 degrees of Virgo (Sun) and Pisces (Moon)

ImageThe Pisces Full Moon is a powerful portal for your spiritual growth. This is the Harvest Moon. We are harvesting what we have sown this year. Our harvest is the culmination of our efforts to manifest a deeper and fuller life for ourselves and the world.

Name what you have harvested and bless it and yourself for the good work you have done. This Full Moon in the final sign of the zodiac reminds us that the true harvest of our path is experienced within, in the very core of our being, not externally in the trappings of our lives.

She invites us to consider an inner harvest and where we now find ourselves on our path of spiritual inquiry.

There is a deep activation going on of the Priestess archetype as well as the Divine Mother archetype- which both men and women can feel. The Pisces Moon is about faith, spirituality and intuition.  You are being asked to dream, meditate and be creative. Your sensitivity will be heightened. You may have to move away from loud noise, crowds and negative people. Be in nature. This will nurture you

Be kind and gentle with yourself as you may be feeling ultra-sensitive

The outer planets—Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—describe the collective tone of the moment. The background upon which we create the future!  We are immersed in those energies culturally and globally.

The collective planets are telling us that things have to change—our culture is no longer a viable option for continued life here on Earth

This Moon represents an ending- a time to put to rest the ghosts of the past, and release yourself from any shackles that have been stopping you from realizing your full potential. We are all children of the universe, and each and every one of have qualities, talents, and personalities that are unique and special. It’s time to start loving what is different about you, and shining your light for the world to see. Have compassion for those who dare to question you or hold you back, as they can’t see their own light and may try to snuff it out in others.

If the tears come over the next few days, let them flow, as they will offer you much cleansing and release. Don’t be afraid of your emotions-because you know that after the rain, the sun will always shine again.

MAJOR NEW CYCLES being seeded- ones that are based on massive endings and/or massive new beginnings in relationships, finances, business, partnership, commitment and contractual arrangements of all kinds.

Return to the womb of the Mother and let her nurture you, and when you are done, extend that nurturing energy out to others and to the world around you.


’I AM peace itself and therefore my quest is to BE peace itself.’

Full Moon in Pisces Apothecary Suggestions

Gemstones & Holistic Healing Practices

Virgo is associated with the small intestines and digestive system while Pisces rules the feet, immune/lymphatic systems, and pineal gland. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body around the time of this Full Moon.


Pisces Full Moon Gemstones

Pearl, Moonstone, Tektite, Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine


As Pisces rules the feet, when the Moon is in this sign, reflexology can be an especially lovely activity to engage in. The massaging of pressure points on the feet can help to circulate energy and quell Virgoan-inspired anxiety. Additionally, working on the digestive system points, concentrated between the ball of the foot and the heel, can support Virgo-associated gastrointestinal health.

Prayers for Healing

 With the Moon in spiritually oriented Pisces, it’s a wonderful time to invoke the power of faith in the promotion of healing. This need not be a complex activity nor one necessarily infused with religious meaning. Rather, just focus upon yourself—or another whose health could benefit from assistance—and say a prayer for betterment. If it feels right, invite others to join a prayer circle. Prayer may seem simple, yet it can be so very powerful.

Fullmoon13[Full Moon in Pisces Information]

astrology goddess,planetary apothecary,, Sarah Varcas, Cathy Pagano, Divine Harmony, Kelly Rosano

[oracle card deck]

Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

9.5.13 — New Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar New Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 9.5.13 —





 Lovers & Partners Heroine

Myths of heroines tell stories of relationships with siblings, partners, friends, and companions. An essential aspect of the feminine seeks union between the opposites and finds solace and completion in the mirror of the other. The heroine’s story reveals the archetypal narrative of finding the self through the intricate web of relating.



This card predicts a homecoming, it indicates that your faithfulness and devotion will be rewarded through reclaiming your sense of belonging,stability, and routine.

Feminine Wisdom

Faithfulness to loved ones allows everyday tasks to have meaning and purpose.

New Moon in Virgo


Virgo New Moon is here bringing into alignment and integration all we have been learning and growing into. We have been going through some deep shifts as we birth our new selves into being, shedding our skins in favor of more authentic forms.

Look beneath your feet’ the Moon reminds us now. ‘Mother earth supports you right here in this place, not over there on an illusory horizon line which forever recedes as you approach. Your roots are fed here in the present moment, not over there where you believe you should be.

 One returns to the roots in order to produce the flowering of personality, if this flower is to bring forth a living seed.

 It’s time to integrate everything we’ve learned about ourselves this year. This Virgo New Moon opens us to planting the seed of our wholeness, both the ‘perfected’ parts that Virgo strives for and the wounded parts we are healing.

 We get a truer picture of ourselves as we heal the old wounds

 How can we change the world unless we know ourselves?  How can we bring to birth our purpose if we do not know what we are capable of?  Virgo helps you with this part of life. This New Moon is useful for strengthening your Self-esteem, Self-worth and Self-respect. When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else. When you are not doing what is right for you, it is not right for others either.

 It’s time to integrate everything we’ve learned about ourselves this year. What is your new Creation?  What have you apprenticed yourself to this year?  We have been in a long and hard labor.

 The Virgo New Moon is a brilliant time to do your house cleaning in mind, body and spirit. Get organized. Set your intention for what you want to create this fall. Use the Virgo New Moon to ground, balance and support yourself. Use this New Moon to increase your health, well-being and vitality. You can strengthen your financial foundation. At the New Moon, set your intention for a financial increase this fall doing work you enjoy.

 What no longer serves our soul’s evolution is to be discarded. You are encouraged to cleanse your body, mind, heart and soul. Embody more of who you truly are a beautiful Soul of Light.

 Your perfection lies within your imperfection The seed is within itself.

 Virgo stands for the ‘womb of time’ – Through conflict, pain and struggle you are to give birth to your authentic Self. Virgo rules the sixth house in astrology. Virgo and your sixth house rule your service to the planet. How you have come to serve life. Every human being has a dharma. This is your personal path of service. This Virgo New Moon calls us to service—we are here on Earth at this time in history to be agents of change and growth.  Discard what no longer serves your life.  Re-balance yourself.  Know yourself.

 Virgo is Gaia. Gaia is our Mother, our Mother Earth. Virgo is the cosmic womb where we live, work and play. We are the sons and daughters of Gaia. We are to live as one in harmony with all life.

All Are One is September’s message

 Virgo New Moon Apothecary Suggestions

 Gemstones, Essential Oils & Flower Essences

 Virgo rules the small intestines and digestive system. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body around the time of this New Moon.


 Virgo New Moon Gemstones

Pearl, Moonstone, Tektite, Pink Jasper, Sapphire, Rhodochrosite

 Melissa (lemon balm) Essential Oil

Melissa essential oil is a fragrant way to relax and dispel anxiety. Use some in a bath or unscented body lotion. Make a melissa-scented calming room spray by adding a few drops to a mister bottle filled with water. Melissa also has mind-focusing qualities, which can be very helpful during this time. Its calming may also relieve the stress and tension that could otherwise show up and be felt in the Virgo-ruled digestive system. Check the labels carefully and buy a high quality product as less expensive melissa oils are sometimes adulterated with citronella or lemongrass.

 Beech Flower Essence

When Virgo energy is strong so may also be a sense of criticality. We strive for perfection, holding ourselves to task for the smallest of things. Judgment of others may also be heightened as we could find ourselves captivated in a sense of intolerance of what we perceive to be others’ shortcomings (perhaps even projecting out our frustrations with ourselves onto others). If you are looking for an elixir to help inspire within you more warmth and acceptance, expanding the space of tolerance and an ability to see the good within yourself/others and a variety of situations, consider Beech flower essence. Beech also connects with heightened Virgo energy another way, as it’s a remedy that is considered to inspire better digestion—physically and emotionally. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)


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Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines


8.20.13 — Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 8.20.13 —



The Power of the Heroine ~ feminine power from the depths of the inner world assists in accepting and understanding the mysterious nature of life.


Surrounded by Fauns, Flora celebrates the arrival of spring. Blossoms appear on the trees and the renewal of life is visible throughout the countryside. Set in the verdant landscape, a rotunda provides a place to quietly reflect on the beauty and vibrancy of the new season. The time to pay tribute to growth and prosperity has arrived. As a fertility goddess, Flora gave Juno magic herbs to help her conceive. Juno fell pregnant and gave birth to Mars, the god whose name is linked to the month of March and the arrival of spring.

When Flora is chosen she announces a season of renewal, bringing the spirit of growth and success to a new project or relationship. She brings a new awareness of personal values and a feeling of security. This may also suggest a renewed physical awareness, causing you to feel more sensual and energetic. The appearance of Flora predicts the entry into a season of prosperity and resourcefulness.

Feminine Wisdom

Our life force is a renewable resource which flowers when it is time for the new cycle to take hold in the world.


Full Moon in Aquarius

This Full Moon is also known as a Blue Moon, being the second full Moon to take place in Leo/Aquarius


This AQUARIUS FULL MOON has an extra bit of creative magic with the Sun in Leo. The time is potent to follow our hearts to create new pathways. There is a simultaneous shedding and emerging as we focus to ground our visions into form. Some deep activations happening as well so we must move with the changes, allow what wants to come forth, and trust our inner knowing and guidance.

Moon in Aquarius — Sun in Leo

Aquarius is the water bearer – stands for a bridge between Heaven and Earth – the emanating divine flowing waters. The Moon is in the airy power sign of Aquarius, symbolizing the Cosmic Mind.  Just as the archetypes reflect the basic principles of the Divine Order, the Aquarian Mind reflects that higher order of thinking. The Leo Sun this full Moon is on the royal star, Regulus, located at the Lion’s Heart. When the Sun is on Regulus, it bestows power, authority and honor to those worthy of them. So let us be worthy to take on our own authority in the world. Let us own our inner Queen and inner King.

This 2nd Leo/Aquarius Full Moon activates the energy of one of the four ancient Persian Royal Stars, considered to be sentinels of humanity’s evolution. 

Aquarius offers us freedom at the same time as it demands that we find ways to work together for the benefit of all humanity. We need that larger vision if we want to evolve humanity beyond our culture of violence, self-centeredness and domination into one of peace, partnership and creativity. The energy of Leo is heart-centered and heart-felt.  Leo’s confidence comes from knowing what lies at the heart of life—creativity, love, generosity to others and a deep sense of Self. The royal nature of Leo stems from this self-confidence in Life—when we realize that we are responsible for the choices we make in our lives. We are not powerless, even in the face of oppression. Leo is the power of fire, of spirit, of creativity.  Fire consumes, warms, and illuminates; fire symbolizes purification and transformation. The alchemical fires transform our consciousness, opening us to deeper insights and wider understanding.

Blue Moon

A Blue Moon signals the completion of a process which began with the first Full Moon of the two. The time is potent to follow our hearts to create new pathways

An astrological Blue Moon is a rare thing and something to be noted. It occurs when the Moon is full twice in a solar month, giving us two successive Full Moons in the same zodiac sign. The second of those Moons is a Blue Moon. The next such moon isn’t until June 2016.

The July 22 Aquarius Full Moon occurred at 1 degree Aquarius (Moon) and 1 degree Leo (Sun)

August 20  Full Moon occurs at 29 degrees Aquarius (Moon) and 29 degrees Leo (Sun)


Throughout the intervening month there’s been a lot of pressure needing release and emotions needing acknowledgement. This is a Moon which seeks to empower us to make positive choices and significant changes in our lives. She sees our potential and shines upon each one of us equally, knowing that within every individual lies the possibility of change and growth, no matter who, where or what we are, what we have done or what we believe.

 At times like this we have a golden opportunity for growth and transformation, a chance to release the fetters that keep us constricted and bound. We have an opportunity to ‘do’ life in a different way, and the more of us that can do that, the greater the potential for inner shifts to be reflected in wider societal and global change. The next two weeks will bring a dramatic appearance of new spiritual qualities and events, and those who go deep and understand the nature of the subconscious mind will find new power and answers to the Great Mystery we’ve all been exploring for several months. Since Jupiter is firmly in Cancer, we can use emotional intelligence as we explore and find truth in new cares, new feelings, and a new sense of stability.

As with last month’s Lunations, family and personal feelings will run strong, so be clear about what you’re feeling as a result of the facts you’re seeing or the actions you’ve taken or are taking. Some may experience impatience and frustration at the pace of the process, while others will glimpse a new identity suddenly revealed that revolutionizes the life.

With any full moon phase, it brings you in touch with emotions and feelings as well as anything that has been lingering in the shadows within the subconscious mind becomes illuminated.

Aquarius Full Moon Apothecary Suggestions

Gemstones, Essential Oils & Flower Essences

 Leo is associated with the heart, spine, and hair while Aquarius is associated with the calves, ankles, peripheral circulatory system, and the body’s bioenergetics. Pay extra attention to these areas of the body around the time of this Full Moon.


Aquarius Full Moon GemStones

Pearl, Moonstone, Tektite, Aquamarine, Lapis, Amazonite, Carnelian

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Associated with eternal peace and happiness, quintessential Aquarian ideals, sweet marjoram is known for its antispasmodic and circulation-enhancing properties. With its pacifying fragrance and tension-calming effects, this essential oil may help to calm an overly stimulated nervous system. Use in a diffusor, smell a few drops from the bottle and/or add to some almond massage oil.

 Buttercup Flower Essence

When you need some support stoking the inner flame of self-value, buttercup flower essence may be of benefit. It’s especially good for periods when we are judging ourselves by external markers of success that, in turn, degrade our sense of self-worth. It helps shift the source of light from the unreliable-without to the eternally-sustaining-within. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)



“I embrace the uniqueness that I am and I naturally connect with all of life through the heart center.”


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Planetary Apothecary, Dipali Desai, Sarah Varcas, Robert Wilkinson, Cathy Pagano,

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Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

8.6.13 — New Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar New Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 8.6.13 —




One of the Olympian Goddesses, and the Goddess of the Wild, personifies the beauty of Nature, whether that is the purity of the land, the stillness of the forests, or the tranquility of mountain lakes. Artemis is both the huntress and the wild animal. Her closest bond, besides her brother, is with the Animal Kingdom. Though Artemis is a fierce “lion among women,” she also oversees childbirth and offers protection to women in transition. Artemis was especially protective of adolescence,encouraging young boys and girls to roam free and explore the delights of nature. Artemis serves as the midwife for your next stage of life. She encourages you to be in touch with your instinctual nature and your true feelings. The Goddess also invites you into her domain to spend some time in nature or with animals.

Feminine Wisdom

Artemis is the instinct to roam freely in nature and to express the untamed aspects of the self. She is inherent in every transitional stage, especially in the pre-pubescent years.

New Moon in Leo


This is the first in a sequence of New Moons that fall in the same sign as the following Full Moon, This reverses many months of the New Moon falling in the sign preceding the Sun of the following Full Moon. In other words, this New Moon in Leo also has a Full Moon in Leo and Aquarius.

This is really interesting New Moon,as it forms quite an easy aspect with Uranus,and a challenging aspect with Saturn and the True Node in Scorpio.The New Moon is a time for new beginnings and planting the seeds of whatever you would like to see manifest in your world. Enter Uranus,which is also retrograde, just to add a bit of flavor to the mix. Uranus is bold and daring,and will encourage you to step out of dull and dreary situations,to embrace the new and open yourself up to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. The retrograde phase of Uranus will put you in touch with disconnected parts of yourself,and actually give you the courage to start navigating uncharted territory and bring through your dreams to make them a reality. Saturn meanwhile likes to hold onto structure and familiarity, and will sometimes favour stagnation over stepping into the unknown. The Nodal square to the Moon,says that something will need to be let go of before we start seeing our passions and desires manifest in the external world. Our shadow,our saboteur,and our core beliefs will all need to be examined,to see how much they are actually stopping us from achieving the life that we desire to have.

Leo is all about courage,and the strong aspect to Uranus in Aries will only exacerbate this energy.

This is a time of daring to dream creative,be bold and be proud! No one ever succeeded without taking a risk,and the promise of shining your light brightly is worth the risk of leaving behind structures that just aren’t doing anything for you.

Make a list of all of your talents,recognize your achievements,and believe in yourself,and watch as the doorways of opportunity fly open for you.


Leo New Moon Apothecary Suggestions

GemStones, Essential Oils & Flower Essences

 Leo rules the heart, spine, and hair. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body around the time of this New Moon.

Leo New Moon GemStones

Pearl, Moonstone, Tektite, Peridot, Tourmaline, Carnelian, Sardonyx, Onyx, Golden Topaz

Lemon Essential Oil

Like Leo, the smell of lemon is bright and cheery. Its uplifting fragrance lightens the heart and it’s thought to be a great “blood movers”–enhancing slugging circulation and supporting capillary structure. Add to a few drops to almond oil for an uplifting massage or to shampoo to benefit form its scalp-cleansing and hair lustre-inspiring properties.

Borage Flower Essence

Leo energy inspires us to live through our heart, expressing warmth and love to those around us. Yet, sometimes being openhearted is challenging, notably when sadness and grief rest heavy in our heart. If you are feeling a bit disheartened or discouraged, consider trying Borage flower essence, an uplifting elixir that inspires a sense of buoyant courage and flowing heart energy.(Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)


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Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

7.22.13 – Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 7.22.13 —



One of the first Goddesses and Daughter of Night, Nemesis is an ancient Goddess of Justice, known also as the Goddess of the Inevitable. She personifies the wisdom of Karmic Retribution and is intimately involved with the Wheel of Fortune. When this card is drawn you may be struggling to accept what is inevitable or feeling the unfairness of life. However, you are in the sanctuary of Nemesis, who clasps the thin veil between Divine Retribution and Human Justice. While you might feel wronged, it is important not to seek revenge, but to allow divine justice to prevail. On an oracular level, Nemesis is the inner knowledge that, against all odds, integrity will triumph in the end.

Feminine Wisdom: Nemesis understands that life is inherently just and that the Wheel of Fortune raises us up and lets us down. The Goddess validates our feelings, places them on the Wheel of Life, and releases us from acting on them.

Full Moon in Aquarius


First of 2 Full Moons in Aquarius (7.22 & 8.20)

The Aquarius Full Moon signifies a time of change. Traditionally the Full Moon is a time for release-when tensions and emotions have built to a point where there must be expression.

This Full Moon takes place at the axis of Leo-Aquarius..the Sun in Leo is about expressing Courage, Willingness and LOVE..Strong Courage Being Who you truly Are, Willingness to Not resist Change..and Love to Embrace ALL experience and the Beloved; The Entranceway to the Divine.

Leo is Connected to the Center of the Solar System and to our Solar Plexus..the Inner Sun within..From the Center, the Heart and Inner Light.

A Full Moon is always bringing light and awareness into the specifics of its sign. Aquarius is the revolutionary, guided by a vision of freedom, equality and solidarity. These are the activists, the rebellious spirits and forerunners pointing the way for evolutionary changes. And we will be having two of these to really help bringing home the point.

Uranus which is the ruler of Aquarius went into retrograde motion on the 18th of this month and will put you in touch with places within yourself that you have either become disconnected from or suppressed. It can be a time of uncertainty and insecurity, but can also make you feel more alive than you have felt in a long time. During the retrograde period you will discover those parts of yourself that you have pushed to the side and labeled “weird” and will start to embrace them as a unique part of your personality. The Full Moon will play a big part in kick starting this process, and will help you to see that those things that you may have viewed as negative or needing to be hidden, may actually be the very traits that lead you into happiness and success.

As Saturn is squaring this Full Moon, you may find that there will be some strong emotions bubbling away just under the surface. Aquarius isn’t that fond of displaying emotion, and nor is Scorpio(which is where Saturn is), but it would serve you well to identify and give expression to what is vying for your attention. Both of these signs to tend to favor solitude to work through their feelings, so some time out wouldn’t be a bad thing…just make sure that you don’t try to analyze your emotions away. Really feel into them, and let the tears flow where they need to.

Saturn is giving form to the deeper passions of Scorpio, while Aquarius is asking that you find those ideas and plans that are hidden within you and bring them to the light. Adjust or let go of situations that are holding you back or not working for you anymore, and open yourself to the endless possibilities that this world can offer. If you have been putting off starting something or bringing an idea or goal to fruition, now is the time to start. Just start, no one ever got anywhere by procrastinating.

Mercury has now gone direct which means that you will be able to communicate with a lot more ease and clarity, and the Aquarius Moon will help you say what you need to say with more of a detached and analytical manner-just make sure it’s not too sharp!!

Humanitarian pursuits, inventions, technology, and groups will somehow feature in your life over the next month, and if you think that life is going to run to plan ~ expect the unexpected!!

Sometimes things may go askew, and sometimes you may not get things that you thought that you wanted…but there is a higher power at work here, and you will always get what it is that you need to support you on your journey. Speaking of your journey; some friendships may start to unravel now as you find yourself seeking companions who are of similar mind. This will be more of a process than it will be an abrupt cutting off, and for those of who you have had a seemingly out of the blue argument with someone that has ended in separation, cast your mind back over the past few months and you will be sure to see that the signs have been there for a while. If the connection is right for you, there will be resolution;if not it will pave the way to make room for new and more improved connections with people on your wavelength.

This Full Moon is especially powerful because it is also the 3rd of three Super Moons in a row. A Super Moon happens when the Moon is the closest to the earth, pulling on the earth’s plates and electromagnetic fields. This is all very powerful stuff, especially because it is tied in with your emotional awareness and maturity. Good, juicy feelings mean you are on the right track; keep going. Bad feelings are a call to action. Something is wrong; you need to make some changes…

Prepare yourself for CHANGE..Move deeply into your heart – your Center. Allow the Opportunities for New Creation to move you through any Fears.


Aquarius Full Moon GemStones, Crystals, Minerals & Essential Oils:

pearl, moonstone, tektite, rose quartz, garnet

Essential Oils:

rosemary and frankincense

Apothecary Suggestions:

Leo is associated with the heart, spine, and hair while Aquarius is associated with the calves, ankles, peripheral circulatory system, and the body’s bioenergetics. Pay extra attention to these areas of the body around the time of this Full Moon.

Quaking Grass Flower Essence:

Quaking Grass is a wonderful remedy to help inspire harmonious group dynamics. It helps individuals maintain a sense of balanced self when in a collective and yet see themselves as a part of something much larger than just themselves. While the essence can be taken by an individual, it can also be used it as a room spray (mix a few drops into a water-filled mister bottle) as a way to foster a more productive, as well as heartfelt, group process. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)


I give myself permission to be my unique, quirky, and individual self in all ways. I express myself in my totality, and keep myself small for no one. I look forward to jumping into the unknown and seeing where it is that I land!



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Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

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