DesertStar Card of the Day ~ Life Purpose Oracle Cards

{You heal with kind words,wise advice,and an empathetic ear}

DesertStar Message

Knowledge.Experience.Wisdom. We are all Connected. Through assisting others in Healing;Emotionally,Physically & Spiritually – we are able to Heal ourselves as well.

Card Meaning

“People frequently reveal their deepest secrets and worries to you because you’re a natural counselor who channels wise advice and kind support. This card comes as a counselor for you, advising you to choose a career path involving this type of work. Since you’re already performing the functions of a counselor, you may as well receive remuneration (in addition to the emotional fulfillment that counseling brings to you). The angels can support any need or desire you may have for classes that will teach you skills and lead to proper licensure.

Your counseling path can be along the lines of life coaching,where you help clients organize their goals and intentions into achievable steps. Or you can blend in spirituality through traditional pastoral counseling, or via the more alternative path of giving readings. Your work could also involve writing or teaching. The main point is that this life purpose uses words as a healing modality.

With the proper training, you’re highly qualified to conduct counseling work. Please don’t think that your own life needs to be perfect before you can help others. All counselors have their own ego issues and “imperfections.” The point isn’t whether you have these character and life quirks; it’s what you do with them that counts. As long as you listen to your clients’ feelings with an open mind and heart, their needs will be served.”



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