DesertStar Card of the Day 

Daily Guidance from you Angels Oracle Cards

::Reward Yourself::
{You’ve been giving a lot of yourself lately, and it’s time for you to receive. Make the time to reward yourself in a meaningful way. This balance of giving and receiving is essential to keeping your energy, mood, and motivation at a consistently high level}

DesertStar Message
Today is the Full Moon in Scorpio as well as a Partial Lunar Eclipse – the second shortest Partial Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century and the first of 3 for 2013. The Lunar Eclipse usually brings endings and/or a culmination of a matter. This is so a New Beginning can occur. Very Powerful Energy around the Full Moon; it is a time of Releasing, Forgiveness & Transformation!
Take sometime to Balance, Ground and Clear yourself today; whether it be by simply being Surrounded by Nature or Receiving Body/Energy Work to assist in this Transformational Energy ~ Phoenix Rising ❤

Card Meaning
“You drew this card because it’s time to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Everyone needs rewards, and you’re no exception. A treat will boost your energy,mood,and motivation. Invest in yourself and make time for self-care today. Give yourself a much-desired item,trip,or service, and notice how your inner child blooms with joy from this loving attention.”

Additional Meanings

*Take the day off from work today

*Splurge on a treat for yourself

*Balance giving with receiving

*Make sure that your allowing yourself to receive

*Appreciate all that you’ve done




Reward Yourself – Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards
wordlesstechteam – Partial Lunar Eclipse Port Orford, Oregon
Phoenix Rising – Marina Petro


Comments on: "April 25, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Reward Yourself" (1)

  1. Keeper Sharkey said:

    amen sista! that is exactly what is on the agenda today!!!! 🙂 love love love

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