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May 7, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Astara

DesertStar Card of the Day
Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards
{You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise}
DesertStar Message
The Mind is our most powerful tool – When your Intention is Heart Centered, you can do anything you put your Mind to. There comes a time in our lives when everything seems to fall into place & this is one of those times! Embrace everything that has led you to this point in time, for it allowed your Heart & Mind to Align

Card Meaning
“In the past, you have settled for less than you wanted. But no more. I am here to raise your standards. I am also here to show you that you need not suffer in any way. It isn’t selfish to desire a better life. The more that you receive, the more you are able to give to others. When you allow us to give to you, you’re also supplied with all of the necessary tools for your life’s purpose. You also inspire others when you show that the spiritual path gives you all of the support you could ever need.”

“God and the Angels want you to enjoy your life. Happiness is a holy part of your Divine mission. Whatever we can do to bring joy and peace into your life, please ask. We have noticed a reluctance on your part to ask for help. Perhaps you have felt that you didn’t deserve good, or that you would be taking away from someone else if you received help. Yet God only knows abundance, and humans are the only ones who believe in scarcity. This card is a reminder that God and the Angels can only intervene if you request our help.”



April 30, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Shanti

DesertStar Card of the Day ~ Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards

{I am the Angel of Peace. I bring you new tranquility and a smoother road ahead!}

DesertStar Message
Om Shanti. Know that Peace Love & Harmony surround your entire Being ~ Practice Meditation for a Deeper Understanding & Connection to your Higher Self. Allow the Energy to flow in, with and through you!

Card Meaning
“You have been through turmoil, and your soul is tired. Your mind craves peace and quiet, and I am here to help you with that desire. I will give you new opportunities to spend time alone, where you can relax your mind and heart. I will bring tranquility to your soul so that you can mirror the peace of mind that is your true Divine nature.”
“Like the angels, you are able to hover within the eye of any hurricanes that may swirl around you right now. Through breath and intention, you can stay centered no matter what’s happening in your life. This inner foundation of peace has a powerful healing effect. Your outer life soon reflects your inner peacefulness. Smooth roads are ahead for you, and the worst is behind you now. A peaceful outcome to this situation is assured.”


April 17, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Patience

DesertStar Card of the Day

{Now is the time to learn,study, and gather information. Enjoy being a student, because in the future, you will synthesize your knowledge into action}

DesertStar Message

Everything comes together when your Mind, Heart and the Stars are Aligned; When Time,Space and Place is Right.

Card Meaning

“Although you may be aching to begin a new project, now is not the time. You are in the vital phase of gathering right now. This means that you’re acquiring new information through studying,reading,meditating,channeling,taking classes,interviewing experts,and other means. In all of life, there is a time for gathering and a time for planting.

It is too soon for you to decide how you will use the new information that you’re absorbing. You may have some ideas, though,so it might be wise to write them down for future use. Soon enough, you will be called into action to apply your knowledge in useful ways. When that happens, you will be very busy and work very hard. So, enjoy the present moments of ambiguity and rest. Allow yourself to be an empty vessel into which heaven pours the contents of its library of wisdom. Your unique talents will blend with this wisdom, and synthesize it into a new and important way to bring peace to this planet.”

~*Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards*~


April 10, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Teresa

DesertStar Card of the Day

{Time-out! You’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but now it’s time to stop and take care of yourself!}

DesertStar Message

The first step towards nurturing ourselves is always the hardest, but both the stars and cards align to help reconfirm that before we are fully able to care for anyone else, we must first care for Self.  Springs first New Moon ~ it’s time to set intention for what you desire, plant new seeds, and begin anew! Both the Sun and Moon are in Aries initiating us to take action in our personal lives. Remember to follow your heart and not your ego!

Card Meaning

“Dear one, you’ve been working very hard! You’re very tired now, yet you keep pushing yourself to work more,more,more! I am here to firmly and lovingly take your hand, and tell you to ‘Stop!’ Cease working for a moment and take a respite. You have certainly earned it, and you will be more efficient and productive after taking this rest. You give so much to others that at times like this you become unbalanced. Your inner child yearns for nurturing, and no one is going to give you that loving care but yourself and the angels. So, give yourself permission to take a much-needed time-out. Take a nap, or go play for awhile. Please don’t delay this guidance. We assure you that your responsibilities will all be met, and you will gather new energy and ideas during your time-out. We also bring you additional Earthly help, and assist you in delegating work.”

~*Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards*~


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