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Shamanistic Healing Session ~ Suggestions to Assist in Integration

Post Shamanistic Healing Session

Suggestions to Assist in Integration


Nurture Yourself

Rest, drink lots of water, eat healthy food, and take a soothing Epsom salt or baking soda & sea salt bath. The body and energy field will continue to detoxify, self- care will assist with the process.


Get outside and let yourself feel and receive the Earth’s blessings and messages. The natural world has a high level of life force and vitality. This can support and feed your energy body.


Allow yourself 3 days to adjust and assimilate what you received in your Healing Session. The luminous and physical bodies need time to adjust to the transition. New patterns can continue to subtly and gently unfold over several months.

Resynchronization – Expect Change!

I never know in what ways the Healing work will present itself.  Pay attention to what begins to seem different in your life.  People may respond to you differently, or you will find yourself not reacting to situation in the ways you have in the past. Unusual resynchronization, signs, omens, comments from a friend or stranger may present themselves.  Pay attention to life- new things will happen!

Create a New Reality

Make a conscious choice to respond to situations in a positive and life-affirming way, this is a time to re-pattern out of old, unhealthy mind-sets and behaviors so the new way becomes permanent.  As you engage in different choices, the new aspects and essence of the soul creates a new reality. There can be a chain reaction of healing realignment. Your choices help reaffirm your wholeness.


Find support, talk to trusted friends and loved ones, a counselor or group. Share your Healing story with those who are open and can honor your Healing process.

Develop a Regular Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice (one that truly resonates with you) will support your healing and make you stronger than anything else. Learn to journey, practice meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, prayer, a walk in nature. Join a drumming circle or take a workshop that teaches spiritual healing or a spiritual path.


Keep a record of your experience and change. Confide in and honor yourself. Sometimes the most powerful insights come from re-reading the old records of your experience.


If you receive special instructions (homework) from your session, follow these instructions to support the Healing Journey.

Follow-up Care

Give your Healing Process time to integrate. DesertStar Healing encourages feedback to hear how you are doing.



Shamanistic Healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness and does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment. It does however work well in conjunction with other Healing Modalities.


7.22.13 – Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 7.22.13 —



One of the first Goddesses and Daughter of Night, Nemesis is an ancient Goddess of Justice, known also as the Goddess of the Inevitable. She personifies the wisdom of Karmic Retribution and is intimately involved with the Wheel of Fortune. When this card is drawn you may be struggling to accept what is inevitable or feeling the unfairness of life. However, you are in the sanctuary of Nemesis, who clasps the thin veil between Divine Retribution and Human Justice. While you might feel wronged, it is important not to seek revenge, but to allow divine justice to prevail. On an oracular level, Nemesis is the inner knowledge that, against all odds, integrity will triumph in the end.

Feminine Wisdom: Nemesis understands that life is inherently just and that the Wheel of Fortune raises us up and lets us down. The Goddess validates our feelings, places them on the Wheel of Life, and releases us from acting on them.

Full Moon in Aquarius


First of 2 Full Moons in Aquarius (7.22 & 8.20)

The Aquarius Full Moon signifies a time of change. Traditionally the Full Moon is a time for release-when tensions and emotions have built to a point where there must be expression.

This Full Moon takes place at the axis of Leo-Aquarius..the Sun in Leo is about expressing Courage, Willingness and LOVE..Strong Courage Being Who you truly Are, Willingness to Not resist Change..and Love to Embrace ALL experience and the Beloved; The Entranceway to the Divine.

Leo is Connected to the Center of the Solar System and to our Solar Plexus..the Inner Sun within..From the Center, the Heart and Inner Light.

A Full Moon is always bringing light and awareness into the specifics of its sign. Aquarius is the revolutionary, guided by a vision of freedom, equality and solidarity. These are the activists, the rebellious spirits and forerunners pointing the way for evolutionary changes. And we will be having two of these to really help bringing home the point.

Uranus which is the ruler of Aquarius went into retrograde motion on the 18th of this month and will put you in touch with places within yourself that you have either become disconnected from or suppressed. It can be a time of uncertainty and insecurity, but can also make you feel more alive than you have felt in a long time. During the retrograde period you will discover those parts of yourself that you have pushed to the side and labeled “weird” and will start to embrace them as a unique part of your personality. The Full Moon will play a big part in kick starting this process, and will help you to see that those things that you may have viewed as negative or needing to be hidden, may actually be the very traits that lead you into happiness and success.

As Saturn is squaring this Full Moon, you may find that there will be some strong emotions bubbling away just under the surface. Aquarius isn’t that fond of displaying emotion, and nor is Scorpio(which is where Saturn is), but it would serve you well to identify and give expression to what is vying for your attention. Both of these signs to tend to favor solitude to work through their feelings, so some time out wouldn’t be a bad thing…just make sure that you don’t try to analyze your emotions away. Really feel into them, and let the tears flow where they need to.

Saturn is giving form to the deeper passions of Scorpio, while Aquarius is asking that you find those ideas and plans that are hidden within you and bring them to the light. Adjust or let go of situations that are holding you back or not working for you anymore, and open yourself to the endless possibilities that this world can offer. If you have been putting off starting something or bringing an idea or goal to fruition, now is the time to start. Just start, no one ever got anywhere by procrastinating.

Mercury has now gone direct which means that you will be able to communicate with a lot more ease and clarity, and the Aquarius Moon will help you say what you need to say with more of a detached and analytical manner-just make sure it’s not too sharp!!

Humanitarian pursuits, inventions, technology, and groups will somehow feature in your life over the next month, and if you think that life is going to run to plan ~ expect the unexpected!!

Sometimes things may go askew, and sometimes you may not get things that you thought that you wanted…but there is a higher power at work here, and you will always get what it is that you need to support you on your journey. Speaking of your journey; some friendships may start to unravel now as you find yourself seeking companions who are of similar mind. This will be more of a process than it will be an abrupt cutting off, and for those of who you have had a seemingly out of the blue argument with someone that has ended in separation, cast your mind back over the past few months and you will be sure to see that the signs have been there for a while. If the connection is right for you, there will be resolution;if not it will pave the way to make room for new and more improved connections with people on your wavelength.

This Full Moon is especially powerful because it is also the 3rd of three Super Moons in a row. A Super Moon happens when the Moon is the closest to the earth, pulling on the earth’s plates and electromagnetic fields. This is all very powerful stuff, especially because it is tied in with your emotional awareness and maturity. Good, juicy feelings mean you are on the right track; keep going. Bad feelings are a call to action. Something is wrong; you need to make some changes…

Prepare yourself for CHANGE..Move deeply into your heart – your Center. Allow the Opportunities for New Creation to move you through any Fears.


Aquarius Full Moon GemStones, Crystals, Minerals & Essential Oils:

pearl, moonstone, tektite, rose quartz, garnet

Essential Oils:

rosemary and frankincense

Apothecary Suggestions:

Leo is associated with the heart, spine, and hair while Aquarius is associated with the calves, ankles, peripheral circulatory system, and the body’s bioenergetics. Pay extra attention to these areas of the body around the time of this Full Moon.

Quaking Grass Flower Essence:

Quaking Grass is a wonderful remedy to help inspire harmonious group dynamics. It helps individuals maintain a sense of balanced self when in a collective and yet see themselves as a part of something much larger than just themselves. While the essence can be taken by an individual, it can also be used it as a room spray (mix a few drops into a water-filled mister bottle) as a way to foster a more productive, as well as heartfelt, group process. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)


I give myself permission to be my unique, quirky, and individual self in all ways. I express myself in my totality, and keep myself small for no one. I look forward to jumping into the unknown and seeing where it is that I land!



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Cleansing: Gems,Stones & Crystals

Cleansing your Gems,Stones & Crystals


The New Moon and Full Moon are times for Cleansing & Energetically Charging your Crystals

Sometimes a stone or crystal you are strongly drawn to doesn’t feel good, or a stone that felt good previously doesn’t feel good now. The stone or crystal may need to be cleared. Clearing is necessary before using any stone for healing. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is.

Crystals and healing gemstones need to be cleared as soon as they are purchased as well as clearing after every healing. A cleared, ready crystal feels positive and bright, tingly and cold to the touch. A crystal that needs clearing may feel hot, heavy or drained.

The clearing process should be carried out until you intuitively feels that the stone has been cleansed, or by feeling the stone’s energy. You should then charge the crystal in sunlight or moonlight (preferably that of a full or a new moon) for at least one full day or night.

It is not recommended to utilize water or salt when cleansing certain gems,stones & crystals. Also it is not recommended to place particular gems,stones & crystals in the sunlight, many stones tend to fade their colors in the sun. Also internal fractures may cause your stone to crack or break if placed in the sun.



A quick way to cleanse your healing stones is to smudge them with burning cedar or sage. Smudging is an excellent way to make sure your stones are purified. Simply hold the burning sage or cedar stick while passing your stone through the smoke. (white sage, cedar, juniper, palo santo, sweetgrass and sandalwood are all commonly used smudging herbs)


Moonlight is another way of clearing your gemstones. Simply place outside from the Full to the New Moon. Waning Moons are good times to clear crystals, to dispel old energies, but any time works. The amount of time used varies with the sensitivity of the healer and the amount of material from which the stone needs cleansing.




 Burying your crystal in a cupful of dried herbs will also clear it. Suggested herbs for this are rose petals, sage, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood. This is a gentle way to clear crystals, and a pleasant way, but it does take longer than sea salt.


Crystals may also be buried into the Earth. This is especially helpful when you feel deep cleansing is needed. Outdoors, simply dig a hole the size of your crystal into the Earth, place your crystal again point down, and cover with soil. The amount of time needed is personal choice.


The Sacred Breath- Some like to use this method of ‘blowing away’ any negativity from the stone, simply hold the stone in your hand and blow on it, while blowing ask your higher self to cleanse the crystal.


If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can also “Reiki” your stones and crystals, simply by holding them in your hands and setting the intention for your crystals to be cleansed.


Hold the stone under running water or in a stream to be purified (points are to face down the drain or down stream to wash the negative energy away), you may also soak in a solution of sea salt and distilled water. Visualize the crystal as sparkly, tingly, cold, and belonging to the healer.*It is not recommended to utilize water or sea salt when cleansing certain gems,stones & crystals. Never use Warm or Hot water, this may fracture or break your crystals.

Each New Moon and Full Moon holds a unique Frequency, when tapped into consciously, these cycles will be of great benefit for you and your life and to those around you.


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7.8.2013 — New Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar New Moon Cosmic Oracle

::Sacral Chakra::
{You are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, processed foods, and energies right now. Respect your sensitivities by avoiding harsh items, situations and relationships.}

DesertStar Message
A Balanced Sacral Chakra manifests the appreciation of all things beautiful.

Being aware of the effects that certain things have on your Body and Chakra System will assist in maintaining balance by avoiding that which does not have a positive effect on both your physical and energetic being – that which does not serve your Higher Self and Life Purpose.
~ Respect and Honor the place in which you come from ~ ❤


2nd CHAKRA – Sacral – Svadisthana
Governs Sexuality, Emotions, and Desires

Corresponding Color: orange

Located: lower abdomen

Element: water

Energy:  Life Energy

Keynote:  D

Frequency: 288 Hz

Vowel:  Ooo

Bija:  Vam

Shabd Sound: Ocean

Glandular connection: ovaries, testes

Associated body parts: sex organs, bladder,circulatory system,prostate, womb

Too open: emotionally unbalanced, a fantasist, manipulative, sexually addictive

Unbalanced: manifests anger, menace, hatred and apathy.

Blocked: overly sensitive, feels guilty for no reason, frigid or impotent

Balanced: trusting, expressive, attuned, creative

Incense/aromatherapy essential oils: Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood

Crystals: citrine, carnelian

Foods: sweet fruits

Affirmations: I trust that all is well. Creativity is flowing freely through me.

New Moon in Cancer



~ 1st New Moon of Summer ~

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, a chance to clear and let go of the past and begin the next Lunation Cycle with a clean slate. This is the perfect time to clear issues with family members and find ways of connecting that suit everyone involved. It is also time to start looking at your surroundings and what you can do to create a more nurturing and nourishing space for yourself and your family. Clear out anything that isn’t needed on a physical level-such as clothes,books, furniture etc, and look at making your environment reflect more of who you are on a soul level. This is a time of change, and sometimes change can be painful as we say goodbye to things that once brought security but now bring stagnation. It can also mean saying goodbye to a family member, or the hopes and dreams of having a better relationship with one of them.

Remember that Cancer is very family oriented and because of this there may be a tendency to keep certain family members in your life even if they are exhibiting behavior that you wouldn’t tolerate from a friend or a partner.


new moon in cancer
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July 2013 ~ GemStone: Selenite


Pronunciation: \ˈse-lə-ˌnīt\

Alternate Names & Spellings:  Maria Glass, Satin Spar, Desert Rose


Color: Pure white, can also be orange, blue, brown and green

Appearance: Translucent with fine ribbing or course ribbing (Satin Spar), fish tail or petal like (Desert Rose)

Source: United States, Mexico, Russia, Greece, Poland, Austria, Germany, France, England


Metaphysical Healing Properties of Selenite

Keywords: Mental Clarity, Psychic, Angels

Selenite comes from the Greek word Selene, meaning Moon, and is associated with the Greek Goddess Selene.

Selenite contains feminine energy, and is often used to connect and commune with the Divine, especially Goddess Energy. Selenite is known as the Mystical stone of “Crystal Clarity”. Selenite’s high vibrational energy fills our being and all aspects of our lives with pure love and light of the Divine Source. It provides clarity of mind, and enhances awareness of self and surroundings.

Selenite helps us to reach new states of consciousness, to rapidly shift blocked energy, clear away negative energy and remove emotional turmoil and confusion.  Selenite will also cleanse other crystals, clear unwanted energies and permeate its surroundings with pure clean white light energy. It assists in making sound judgments and heightening intuition to manifest our desires.

 Selenite, like all Gypsum, is a master facilitator, which means it has a wide variety of uses in Crystal work and can be used very successfully with other stones. Although any number of attributes have been assigned to Selenite, it is especially useful for cleansing quartz and other minerals. Psychologically and materially, it has cleansing effects as well, and is said to remove negative influences of all kinds.

 Some sources claim that Selenite energy operates like no other, working rather like a radio that tunes into areas of difficulty or static. Our problems may not always be what we believe them to be, but Selenite energy can be very illuminating, whether we agree with its diagnosis or not.

 Place any crystal, specimen, or pocket stone you have been working with on top of your Selenite. The crystal will both clean any energies present and help to recharge your other crystals and stones. You can greatly increase any other crystal or stone energy by pointing your selenite at the other stone, visualizing just how you want that stone to perform.

 In addition to removing negative energies, Selenite enables one to more readily access unconscious impulses and patterns of behavior, so it’s important to be mindful when working with it. Its energy is best directed outward rather than inward as a protective influence.

 Especially useful in helping to clarify issues, as well as your own mental processes, Selenite can sometimes operate beyond your plans for it – you may begin to experience visions of the future or past lives. Selenite is associated with the Crown Chakra and has certain powers to amplify circumstances, so if you’re feeling especially vulnerable, use another stone until you’re on a more even keel.


Translucent Selenite has a very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind, opening the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras and accessing angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Pure Selenite is a link to the light body, helping to anchor it in the earth vibration.


Selenite is a calm stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Telepathy is enhanced by each person holding a piece of pure-vibration Selenite. The purest translucent white Selenite has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter. An ancient stone, it is nevertheless one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration on earth.


Selenite can be used to form a protective grid around a house, creating a safe and quiet space that does not allow outside influences in—use internally in the corners of the house. A large piece of Selenite placed in the house ensures a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite wands can be used to detach entities from the aura or for preventing anything external from influencing the mind.


Carrying the imprint of all that has happened in the world, Selenite reaches other lives and is very useful for checking on progress made and for accessing the plan for the present life from the between-lives state. It pinpoints lessons and issues that are still being worked upon, and shows how they can best be resolved. It can be used for scrying, to see the future or to ascertain what has happened in the past.


Psychologically, Selenite assists judgment and insight. Mentally, it clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture. It brings about a conscious understanding of what has been occurring at the subconscious level. This is a powerful disperser and stabilizer for erratic emotions.



These crystals can be especially useful for people who are suffering from chronic illness such as chronic pain syndrome, skin disorders, back or other chronic pain, or syndromes such as chronic fatigue. It restores balance and can help you to gain considerable insight as to the root cause of a specific condition.


Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility. It guards against epileptic seizures. This stone neutralizes mercury poisoning from dental amalgam and reverses the effects of “free radicals.” It is an excellent crystal for breastfeeding and nurturing a child. Its finest healing occurs at the energetic levels.



Hold, or place in or around house.


 Selenite Wands & Healing

Selenite Wands are wonderful healing tools. You can get Wands that are made from the white Gypsum Selenite variety, which is known as Satin Spar. You can also use a natural golden Selenite Wand, as these occur naturally in a perfect shape to use for healing. When you hold a piece of this stone in your hand, particularly a Wand shaped piece, you should be able to quite quickly feel the energy within it. The vibration of these wands is powerful, as once activated they will cleanse the etheric field of the body of any negativity.

 The vibration of a piece of Selenite crystal often sets in train the birth of the psychic power of telepathy.  These lovely stones are very beautiful, and look quite different to the translucent Selenite, which is often called Optical Selenite. Satin Spar Selenite Crystals may have vertical lines running down the length of the stone, and this is usually in the direction of the point of the Wand. Crystals shaped like this may be referred to as Light Wands, as these Wands are quite reflective of light.  Selenite Wands are marvelous healing tools, as they will channel energy through them, and this energy can be directed by the Healer.

 If you have a Wand shaped piece of this stone, you can gently squeeze it to activate it, and then hold it to any area of the body where rebalancing is needed. A Healer or anyone who wishes to use them for healing can also use them to sense where the health problem is located in the body. This is useful if you are unsure of exactly where in the body the problem originates. The way that you discover where the problem might be is by gently squeezing the wand and moving it. When you recognize that you are feeling a change in the energy flow, this tells you that the energy in this area is not flowing as it should be. The Healer would also activate their Wands to use them for healing, by gently squeezing them. You then point them towards the specific problem area that you have become aware of, when you previously used them to locate the health issue.



7th Chakra – Crown Chaka,  6th Chakra – Third Eye Chakra.

It is also related to the 2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra.











 Vibrates to the Number








Do Not Wet your Selenite Crystals, as they may dissolve in water. Contact with water is not recommended for any variety of Selenite. When cleansing Selenite use other methods of Cleansing Crystals.

*Crystal Cleansing*

There are a variety of ways you can clear a crystal. One way to cleanse a crystal is by soaking it in a solution of sea salt and distilled water (lavender oil is also often added to the solution due to its purification properties). Another method involves holding the stone under running water or in a stream to be purified. Yet another method to cleanse a stone is by smudging it. To smudge a stone, you must pass the stone through the smoke of an herb or incense (white sage, juniper, palo santo, sweetgrass, cedar, and sandalwood are all commonly used smudging herbs). Also, you may choose to bury a stone in the soil of the earth for a length of time in order to cleanse it. The clearing process should be carried out until you intuitively feels that the stone has been cleansed, or by feeling the stone’s energy. You should then charge the crystal in sunlight or moonlight (preferably that of a full or a new moon) for at least one full day or night.

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