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DesertStar Healing Session Suggestions

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Prior to Healing Session

Please do not consume “heavy” foods, alcohol, or mind altering substances within 24hours of scheduled Healing Session.

It is highly recommended to eat lightly at least 2 hours prior to Session.


 Set an Intention

Setting an intention is the simple act of focusing on where Healing Energy is needed; Mental,Physical,Emotional & Spiritual

 Come into Center
Take some time to center and ground yourself before Healing Session

 Be Open to the Experience

Allow yourself to be open to the experience of receiving Self-Healing energies

 Post Healing Session Suggestions

 After any form of energy/body work remember to rest and drink more than the usual amount of water after the session to assist the body in releasing toxins.

*Water helps the body to restore moisture which assists in releasing toxins & waste — creating the need for more rest than usual.


If you are taking any type of medication or have any serious health conditions…

Please be aware of possible fluctuations in metabolism & hormones.
Advise your doctor of any necessary concerns prior to & after Healing Session.


Post Healing Session Experiences

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 Sense of Self

Inner Peace

Vivid Dreams





Heightened Awareness

Sound Sleep



Possible nausea

Others may appear differently (energy shifting, re-aligning & balancing)

Emotional releasement (sadness,anger,acceptance,happiness)

Feeling tired (release of physical/energetic toxins)

Elimination of bodily waste more so than usual (energetically letting go)

The feeling of rest and relaxation may remain present for hours or even days.


DesertStar Healing Session

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Promotes Natural Self- Healing

Balances Energies in Body

Strengthens Immune System

Treats Symptoms & Causes of Ailment(s)

Relieves Pain

Clears Toxins

Adapts to Natural Needs of Receiver

Enhances Personal Awareness

Relaxes & Reduces Stress Levels

Promotes Creativity

Releases Suppressed Feelings

Aids in Meditation & Positive Thinking

Heals Holistically

Assists in Transitioning Through Life Transformations


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