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May 16, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Vegetarian

DesertStar Card of the Day
Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards
{A new way of eating gives you more energy,greater health,clarity,and stronger manifestation abilities}

DesertStar Message
The Sun is Life Force Energy. We receive self sustaining nutrients and many benefits from Life Force Energy based foods such as; fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables, root vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes and greens. It is best to avoid very Acidic foods and consume more Alkalizing foods to maintain overall wellness as well as Balanced Ph Levels in our Bodies. Once your Body is in Balance you will begin to feel the Positive effects of this new way of Life/Living. With a Life Force Energy based diet you are receiving the Nutrition and Nourishment that you deserve and need in order to maintain Health and Wellness ~ Energetically,Physically & Emotionally.

Card Meaning
“The fairies know that fresh garden food is the healthiest and most natural way to live. You’re guided to follow the fairies’ wisdom and eat lots of vegetables,fruits,legumes,and nuts…especially the organic variety. This card validates your feelings to eat a more vegetarian, or even vegan, diet. This shift in your eating patterns will yield positive changes such as clearer thinking, increased psychic abilities,and more energy. Ask the fairies to assist you with this change,and they’ll gladly do so (including helping your own garden to yield a bumper crop of produce!)”

Additional Meanings
*A health or behavioral concern is dietary related *Eliminate chemicals from your diet *Detoxify *Pray over your food prior to eating it *Do some research (such as reading,consulting a nutritionist, or taking a class) about balancing your diet with more vegetables and fruits *Transition to a raw food diet *Encourage your children to eat more organic fresh fruits and vegetables



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