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Shamanistic Healing Session ~ Suggestions to Assist in Integration

Post Shamanistic Healing Session

Suggestions to Assist in Integration


Nurture Yourself

Rest, drink lots of water, eat healthy food, and take a soothing Epsom salt or baking soda & sea salt bath. The body and energy field will continue to detoxify, self- care will assist with the process.


Get outside and let yourself feel and receive the Earth’s blessings and messages. The natural world has a high level of life force and vitality. This can support and feed your energy body.


Allow yourself 3 days to adjust and assimilate what you received in your Healing Session. The luminous and physical bodies need time to adjust to the transition. New patterns can continue to subtly and gently unfold over several months.

Resynchronization – Expect Change!

I never know in what ways the Healing work will present itself.  Pay attention to what begins to seem different in your life.  People may respond to you differently, or you will find yourself not reacting to situation in the ways you have in the past. Unusual resynchronization, signs, omens, comments from a friend or stranger may present themselves.  Pay attention to life- new things will happen!

Create a New Reality

Make a conscious choice to respond to situations in a positive and life-affirming way, this is a time to re-pattern out of old, unhealthy mind-sets and behaviors so the new way becomes permanent.  As you engage in different choices, the new aspects and essence of the soul creates a new reality. There can be a chain reaction of healing realignment. Your choices help reaffirm your wholeness.


Find support, talk to trusted friends and loved ones, a counselor or group. Share your Healing story with those who are open and can honor your Healing process.

Develop a Regular Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice (one that truly resonates with you) will support your healing and make you stronger than anything else. Learn to journey, practice meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, prayer, a walk in nature. Join a drumming circle or take a workshop that teaches spiritual healing or a spiritual path.


Keep a record of your experience and change. Confide in and honor yourself. Sometimes the most powerful insights come from re-reading the old records of your experience.


If you receive special instructions (homework) from your session, follow these instructions to support the Healing Journey.

Follow-up Care

Give your Healing Process time to integrate. DesertStar Healing encourages feedback to hear how you are doing.



Shamanistic Healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness and does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment. It does however work well in conjunction with other Healing Modalities.


Space Blessing

Space Blessing

Space Blessing involves a Shamanistic Ceremony where DesertStar Healing will Cleanse and Bless the Space. Space Blessing removes negative energies, spirits, and redirects the energy flow in your home or business, allowing for harmonious and balanced energy flow. Client’s experience: a much lighter, harmonious feeling in their home or business, an increase in prosperity, improvements in the relationships between them and others in/around property, allows for new possibilities and facilitates transitions in life.

Reasons for Space Blessings: 

  • There is conflict within a home or business
  • You feel negative energy, coldness, “darkness”, or spirits in any room or in the whole location
  • Healing Arts are performed at a location, including massage, reiki, yoga, and medicine, which cause a client to release negative energy
  • After moving to a new location
  • After construction or remodeling
  • After misfortune
  • During and after periods of illness
  • If you are finding evidence of black arts being practiced around your location
  • Prior to selling a home or business
  • Before a celebration or rite of passage
  • When you are looking to increase prosperity and abundance

Distance Healing

Distance Healing

Distance Healing Ceremony utilizes an energetic process where DesertStar Healing is in one location and the client is in another. Shamanistic Healing works in a dimension beyond space and time, making it possible to offer this method of Healing effectively at a distance, without being in the physical presence of the client. To perform a Distance Healing, DesertStar Healing will need the client’s name and date of birth.  Our energy body and soul are not limited by space, time or location; if you or a loved one is in the hospital, out of the state or in another country, DesertStar Healing offer’s Distance Healing Session(s).

Shamanistic Extraction

 Shamanistic Extraction

Shamanistic Extraction is the removal of displaced energy, sometimes called intrusions or spirit attachments.  This is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause: discomfort, irritation, pain, ailment and dis-ease. When in a vulnerable, weakened state, and your energy field is open it is possible for entities that don’t belong to enter our bodies. These energies may be from past wounds/past lives/present trauma. DesertStar Healing views an intrusion as an imbalance that can be corrected by helping energy return to its proper place. DesertStar Healing performs a Healing Ceremony to Extract (remove) the spiritual intrusion(s). Extraction may also be performed on homes and work settings. Removing energetic intrusions can restore a person’s energy field to the harmoniously functioning state, thus helping alleviate chronic pains, irritations, emotional issues and restoring one to balance. Create Balance & Harmony in the Energy Body and Cleanse & Protect the Luminous Energy Body.

Symptoms of Needing an Extraction:

  1. Feel exhausted or drained of energy
  2. Rapid character shifts or mood swings
  3. Insomnia.  Repeating dreams, nightmares or night terrors
  4. Fear of going crazy- “losing one’s mind”
  5. Panic or anxiety attack
  6. Body shaking on the inside
  7. Being attacked by virus
  8. Migraine headaches
  9. Memory problems
  10. Loss of time
  11. Poor concentration
  12. Sexual problems
  13. Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause
  14. Feelings of confusion, disconnection from life, or not all here.
  15. At times you experience emotions that do not seem to be your own.
  16. You feel under the influence of someone or something else that directs your feelings or behavior.
  17. You sense that you are not alone in your body.
  18. Hearing intrusive thoughts and voices
  19. Emotional and/or physical reactions to learning about spirit attachment
  20. Recognition that some behavior is not consistent with your personality.
  21. The realization of “That wasn’t me!” after something you’ve thought, said or done.
  22. Nightmares of death or being chased.
  23. Problems following use of Ouija board.
  24. Feelings of being followed or stalked
  25. Sudden cravings for drugs, cigarettes and alcohol

When Does Spirit Attachment Happen?

When you are in a vulnerable or weakened state, and your energy field is open.

  • During traumatic and abusive events, especially sexual abuse
  • During moments of fear and panic
  • While using alcohol, drugs, narcotics, pain pills, sleeping pills
  • During severe emotional experiences (such as anger, rage, hatred, desire for revenge, depression, and self-destructive feelings)
  • While giving or receiving healing energy without proper spiritual protection
  • While knocked unconscious from accidents or falls with a blow to the head
  • While unconscious during surgical anesthesia
  • Organ transplant
  • Death of family members or friends
  • Terminated pregnancies or miscarriages of your own or your mother
  • While visiting hospitals or places where people are in fear
  • While visiting places with a history of tragic death
  • During combat

Spirit Attachment of dark energies or demonic entities may cause:

  1. Sudden severe illness
  2. Night terrors and nightmares
  3. Suicidal thoughts
  4. Obsessive compulsive thoughts
  5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms
  6. Post Partum Depression
  7. Irrational behavior
  8. Multiple personalities
  9. Sexual Abuse
  10. Criminal behavior
  11. Mental illness
  12. Insanity
  13. Patterns of trauma and tragedy in family
  14. Schizophrenia
  15. Fear of a Higher Power, White Light, Spiritual Deities

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Soul Retrieval is a technique whereby DesertStar Healing journeys to find vital soul essence that has been shed or expelled by a person in times of great shock, need, or even in times of great joy. Our souls do this in order to protect us in times of extreme need. The Soul is the Axis Mundi– the Center of the Shamanic Healing Arts. In Shamanism it is believed that part of the human soul is free to leave the body. Shamans change their state of consciousness allowing their free soul to travel and retrieve ancient wisdom and lost power. Because a portion of the soul is free to leave the body it will do so when dreaming, or it will leave the body to protect itself from potentially damaging situations be they emotional or physical.  In situations of trauma the soul piece may not return to the body on its own, and a Shaman may intervene and return the soul essence. Living without this vital soul essence means that we are underpowered, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.  Soul Retrieval is the process by which the DesertStar Healing journeys to retrieve this essence and re-integrate it into your vital energetic body.  Soul Loss may occur in the present life or may be carried over from a past life. Soul Retrieval is a healing process of returning the energy the essence of you and what is yours back to you. Soul Retrieval Ceremony is a Healing Process that allows the Client to Spiritually Heal; Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. DesertStar Healing journey’s to different dimensions of space and time to retrieve the soul piece. Soul Retrieval can be a truly life-changing experience, re-balancing the energies of the day-to-day and easing responses to certain formerly intractable stresses.  It is a gentle and invigorating, renewing method of Shamanic Healing, restoring vitality, cognitive abilities, and proper emotional responses to everyday life. Through the Ancient Shamanistic Practice of Soul Retrieval these lost “soul pieces” can be retrieved to assist; Recover Balance in your life, Restore your Life Force and Lost Vitality, and to Access your Wisdom Within.

Causes of Soul Loss:   

  • Abuse. Part of one’s soul may leave to protect itself from the abuse.
  • Fear. Fear may prompt the soul part to hide because it is scared.    
  • Trauma.  If a traumatic accident is about to occur such as an impact or accident, the soul would leave so that it wouldn’t be effected by the force of the accident.   
  • Loss.  If a loved one is lost, the soul part may go until the person is ready to deal with their grief.  
  • Coma.  If the body is in a great deal of pain, or if the soul needs time to consider its situation a coma provides needed time.  
  • Shock.  A soul part left suddenly and hasn’t returned yet or hasn’t fully reentered the body.
  • Suicidal thoughts.  May be because of a desire to reunite with one’s lost soul pieces. 
  • Searching for self.  A person frequently wishes to return to his or her lost soul.  So if the soul part was lost to a person, or in a specific place, an individual may feel an urge to return to that place or person even when there seems to be no outward reason to do so.   
  • Soul Giving.  Another way to lose ones soul is to give it to someone.  When two people are in love, or when they are in a family, it sometimes occurs that they will give portions of their soul to their loved one.  A mother may give some to her child because she wishes to protect him or her.  This type of soul exchange may seem acceptable because of a person’s desire to share his/her self with another, but it is generally not a good idea.  An individual can’t use another person’s soul, because it is not their soul.  The person must then deal with this unusable energy in addition to his or her own problems.  In addition, the persons who have given a piece of their soul away have disempowered themselves.  The giver’s journey is made more difficult because they are not fully present to do the living of their life.
  • Soul Stealing.  Soul stealing can be innocent, you see someone with lots of energy and you want to borrow some of it.  You are afraid of losing someone, so you take a piece of that person with you so that you will always have him or her close by.  Soul stealing can also be a way to dominate another.  For instance soul stealing may be seen where an abusive spouse has taken his or her partner’s soul.  When you take someone’s soul you take some of that person’s power.  It is important to know that no one can take your soul without your consent.  If someone has stolen your soul you have in some sense given it to them or allowed them to have it.  If you feel for some reason that someone is tugging at your soul, make a firm decision within yourself that they cannot have it and they will not be able to take it from you.

Possible Symptoms/Indicators of Soul Loss:

-Feelings of depression

-A feeling of being incomplete

-Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or PTSD like symptoms.

-Inability to move past an issue despite efforts to do so.

-Feeling like you’ve done everything you can do but are still stuck.

-Feeling disconnected from life, like you don’t really feel anything, or you feel you can’t connect to things.

-Memories or incident in your past when you can say, I feel that I lost something that I never got back.

-A sense that someone took a part of you, your heart, your soul, or that you were not the same once they left you or died.

-You keep wanting to return to a person, or a location that seems unhealthy or unlikely, even though there is no apparent reason for you to do so.

-Lost memories, like a part of your history is “missing”

-The feeling that Soul Retrieval may help you.

 Benefits of Soul Retrieval:

  • A complete turnaround of your life
  • Great joy
  • Feel lighter
  • Easier to move forward
  • Easier to make decisions or changes
  • Connect to things more easily
  • Feel more balanced and centered
  • Characteristics you have struggled with, such as confidence, can improve
  • Feel more fully present
  • Ability to move past an issue
  • New growth
  • Able to begin dealing with grief

Possible Experiences from Soul Retrieval:

  • You may have feelings of sadness or depression because of the time that went by missing this part of you.
  • Issues that you have previously been unwilling to deal with can come to the surface.
  • You may find that you can no longer stay in a situation that you have been living with, such that you find you must make changes in your life.
  • You may find feelings that you previously did not wish to deal with assert themselves, such as grief or anger.
  • You may begin the healing process.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

DesertStar Healing utilizes a Spiritual Healing Ceremony and selects the most appropriate Energy Medicine Techniques including Sacred Healing Rituals to facilitate the elimination of dis-ease and restore harmony, balance and integrity. A session includes an interview/assessment of the concern/issue. DesertStar Healing determines the location of the source of dissonance and then disengages the energy form. A healing ritual is performed to alleviate the discomfort, pain or symptom(s). The Healing Session(s) conclude with a Blessing to Complete the Healing. Your power will be restored, immune issues boosted, and your psyche and spirit will be shifted in a profound and transformational way.

Symptoms of Those in Need of a Spiritual Healing:

  • Negative mind-chatter
  • A feeling of being stuck or blocked
  • Inability to focus or concentrate
  • Sadness
  • Feeling out of place
  • Unable to move on from traumas
  • Sickness or disease
  • Depression
  • Can’t seem to progress in life
  • Repeated misfortunes
  • Manifesting chaos
  • Feeling limited or unable to progress in your spiritual practice
  • Seeing colors (eyes closed)

Shamanistic Healing ~ Benefits

Benefits of Shamanistic Healing:

  • Helps to release emotional wounds and trauma,
  • Assists in living more fully present and grounded in your daily life,
  • Helps to enrich and renew relationships,
  • Dissolves negative behavior,
  • Aids in releasing addictions,
  • Assists to regain focus to gain more mental clarity,
  • Releases feelings of being stuck,
  • Allows more love into your life,
  • Recovers personal power,
  • Helps to bring a sense of purpose and meaning back into your life
  • Generates more creativity,
  • Transforms physical disease and pain,
  • Dissolves destructive patterns,
  • Helps to access your inner guidance and wisdom.


Shamanistic Healing

Shamanistic Healing

Shamanistic Healing is deep soul work. It allows us to clear our energy field of negativity, reclaim lost power, understand life lessons, release the past, raise our vibration and move forward with renewed energy, clarity and purpose. It can provide relief from depression, anxiety, confusion, chronic illness and feeling stuck. Through Shamanic Healing we can connect with Spirit guides and heal the wounded places of our bodies, minds, spirits and souls. Ultimately, this type of Healing aligns us with our purpose, our gifts and the deeper truth of who we really are.

Shamanistic Healing Practices:

Spiritual Healing
Soul Retrieval
Distance Healing
Space Blessing



Shamanistic Healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness and does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment. It does however work well in conjunction with other Healing Modalities.

Shaman ~ Shamanism

Shaman ~ Shamanism

The word “Shaman” –which means “he/she knows” comes from the Tungus of North Central Asia.  A Shaman, or Spiritual Healer, is someone who sees what others do not, who finds information from the hidden worlds. The Shaman acts as an intermediary between the ordinary World and the World of Spirit. The Shaman, in an altered state of consciousness, uses forms of Journeying to Spirit Worlds, along with Prayer and Ceremony to Communicate with the Spirit World; guardian angels, nature spirits, and evolved spiritual teachers for healing, guidance and wisdom. The Practice of Shamanism is derived from Ancient Spiritual and Healing Rituals. Shamanisms view of the world is that in which everything in the universe is connected; Everything is Alive, Everything is Aware and Conscious, Everything is Dynamic and Changing, Everything is Connected, Everything Responds. Shamanism is Spiritual Healing -Healing the Spiritual Causes of illness, injury and ailment. DesertStar Healing works with high frequencies of light to restore health at the soul level. To work with the Spiritual Causes of illness, injury & ailment, DesertStar Healing enters a “Shamanic State of Consciousness”, once in the altered state; interacts with Spirit to ask questions, effect healings for self or others, to find out the answers to questions, to assist in the harmonization and balancing of; land, space, people, relationships, and souls. DesertStar Healing provides Healing on many different levels and opens up the Spirit Communication with the realm of the unseen, which helps people to heal themselves and live with a greater sense of well-being. It empowers people to live from a sense of inter-connectedness with others and with all life. Shamanistic Healing address many things such as; relationship issues, feeling stuck, wanting to move forward, wanting to feel happier in life, or more complete. It may also enhance creativity and success in life, reveal skills and abilities that are natural to you, and more importantly, that you already have. Shamanistic Healing leads to personal transformation in one’s life and transformation on a collective level for our community and our society. Shamanism is one of the oldest tribal Healing Traditions found in many cultures around the world.

“When we decide to take this step on our Soul’s Journey and work with a Shaman, it leads us to own our own power. Working with a Shaman we discover a more authentic self, we discover more of who we know ourselves to be, we begin to bring forth our gifts and talents so that we step into our becoming and as we do so we create and hold a new map for ourselves that shapes our destiny and that of the world. We begin to know absolutely that we can change our world by changing ourselves, and we can re-negotiate the contracts that we made that keep us stuck in toxic illnesses, painful relationships, and work that doesn’t inspire us.”


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