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Tips for Energetic Cleansing & Revitalization – on your own!

 Energetic Cleansing & Revitalization


 ‘Smudging’ is the common name given to the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition.  California White Sage removes negative energy. You may use a smudge stick or single piece of Sage and a large feather to waft the smoking sage into the auric field and space you inhabit.


  Incense can be used by burning a piece of charcoal and placing the herbs/ resin on top. There are many different kinds of incense but Copal is probably one of the best for cleansing. Once lit allow the charcoal disc to turn white before placing the incense on top. Use a feather to waft the energies into the auric field and personal space. Please Remember to Place Charcoal & Copal in a Fire-Proof Container!


Crystals can help protect and cleanse your energy. Quartz Crystal may be used for cleansing and Amethyst is also a great cleanser if you work on a computer. Place a cluster on or near the computer to neutralize the electromagnetic energy it transmits, you can also use plants to soak up the vibrations. Please Remember to Cleanse the Crystals After Use with Sage!


Sound is an effective cleanser. Clapping your hands, using bells, chimes, crystal bowls, music, singing, anything that has a vibrational energy can change stagnant energy.

Bathing with Epsom Salt

Water helps wash away dirt, both physically and energetically. Adding Epsom Salt to a bath stimulates the flow of your own energy and also draws minor psychic debris out of the Energetic Field.

Essential Oils for Cleansing:

cedarwood, cypress, geranium, juniper, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, mugwort, orange, peppermint, pine, & rosewood

Essential Oils that Revitalize & Seal the Aura:

frankincense, lemon, rosemary, bergamot, vetiver, geranium, sage, patchouli, and mugwort

Essential Oils to Cleanse Unwanted Energies:

angelica, eucalyptus, tea tree, melissa, sage, jasmine, clary sage and basil


Note:  Certain oils should not be used during pregnancy; chamomile, geranium, jasmine, lavender, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang ylang.




Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The inhaled aroma from these “essential” oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function. Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing. It is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function. Aromatherapy has a variety of effects that are very unique to each individual. Mentally it will clear your brain and give you more focus. Physically it reduces cortisol levels, oxygenates the blood and relieves headaches and body aches. Emotionally it will balance you by either a calming sensation or uplifting sensation. Spiritually the oils will lift you to a higher cellular vibration. Create a proper mood, state of mind, or improve your physical well-being and begin to feel the release of negative emotions; the soothing of undue muscle tension, or experience the cleansing effect of the oils as your body eliminates toxins. Essential oils have been used for therapeutic purposes for nearly 6,000 years. The ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks all used scented oils to heal emotional distress, treat physical afflictions, and increase spiritual awareness.

Physical, Mental, Emotional Stress & Imbalance

We are all faced with some level of stress in our lives. No matter how much we’d like to eliminate stress completely, that is nearly impossible. Stress can come in many forms including physical, mental or emotional. The prolonged reaction to stress created an imbalance in the body’s natural equilibrium. When the body is out of balance it is more vulnerable to disease, clouded clarity and illness. Aromatherapy is a great, natural compliment or alternative to other health treatments and practices.


· Heal wounds

· Energize

· Improve skin tone

· Relax muscles

· Regulate hormones

· Reduce inflammation

· Relieve menstrual cramps

· Improve sleep

· Stimulate the immune system

· Kill fungal & bacterial infections

· Decrease sinus & lung congestion

· Aid digestion

· Relieve tension headaches

· Aid blood circulation

Aromatherapy Benefits:

Relaxation and stress relief

    Mood enhancement, balance and well being

    Relief of minor discomforts

    Boosting the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems

Examples of Known Stressors & Essential Oils That Aid In Relief:

Depression & Guilt- Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Nutmeg and Grapefruit

Helplessness- Lavender, Rosemary, Neroli, and Grapefruit

General Anxiety- Lavender, Bergamot, Chamomile, Basil, Geranium, Frankincense, Melissa, Jasmine, Juniper, and Cypress

Insomnia- Lemon, Vetiver, Valerian, Chamomile, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, and Marjoram

Exhaustion- Peppermint, Jasmine, Lavender, Sage, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rose, and Basil

Nervous/Tense- Frankincense, Palma Rosa, Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Sandalwood. Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Jasmine, and Vetiver

A Few Essential Oils & Therapeutic Qualities:

Bergamot is refreshing and uplifting with a sweet and spicy scent. It is used in treating acne, boils, chicken pox, colds, cold sores, cystitis, loss of appetite, mouth infections and sore throat.

Jasmine is used for treating anxiety, cough, depression, headache, mental tension and sensitive or dry skin. It has relaxing and soothing effects with a warm, floral scent.

Rose has a warm and floral scent and is an effective all-purpose oil. It can be used to fight depression, grief, and fear. It is also good for the heart, digestive system, and for treating PMS symptoms. In addition, Rose is one of the best oils to use on dry and sensitive skin.

Tea tree is one of the most used essentials oils because of its ability to stimulate the immune system. It fights infections of all kinds, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. It can also help clear the skin. Tea tree has a spicy and pungent smell.

Rosemary has a pronounced effect on the brain and central nervous system. It used for stimulating the brain, improving memory and increasing mental awareness. It has a refreshing, woody, herbal scent.

Lavender is a calming and relaxing oil and is effective in times of stress and crisis. It relieves tension, depression and nervous exhaustion. Lavender has a floral, sweet, woody and herbal scent.

Aromatherapy is Not Recommended for Individuals with Following Health Issues:

Sensitive skin
Kidney or liver problems


Aromatherapy is not intended to cure major illnesses but it is effective at alleviating many of the discomforts associated with them.

Certain oils should not be used during pregnancy; chamomile, geranium, jasmine, lavender, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang ylang.


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