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DesertStar Seasonal & Monthly features

DesertStar Seasonal & Monthly features


Hunterdon County Developmental Center 4th Annual Health Fair — featuring DesertStar Healing

Hunterdon County Developmental Center 4th Annual Health Fair — featuring DesertStar Healing

DesertStar Healing featuring Seasonal Sun Sign TarotScopes & Cosmic Oracle Card Wisdom

DesertStar TarotScopes

Intuitive Seasonal Sun Sign TarotScopes

by DesertStar Healing utilizing Angel Tarot Cards


DesertStar Cosmic Oracle  

Equinox & Solstice Oracle Card Wisdom


DesertStar Healing Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

Intuitive Tarot and/or Oracle Card Reading


DesertStar TarotScopes

DesertStar Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Tarot Scopes featured in eastOnpop Magazine

DesertStar Tarot Scopes featured in the Northeasts new pop culture, art & lifestyle magazine!


Virtual,Mobile & Print version – soon to be in circulation!

Image[Eastonpop Magazine on FB  +]

2013 Summer Healing Specials

DesertStar Summer Healing Specials!


Distance Healing Session
Reg. $50/1hr ~ Special $40/1hr

Tarot & Oracle Card Reading
Reg. $30/1hr ~ Special $20/1hr

Distance Healing Sessions
Working with Spirit-Guided Healing Energies & Tools 
Session Includes; Individualized Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Energetic Cleanse, Gem/Mineral Therapy, Intuitive Nutritional/Supplemental Suggestions & Body System Information.
Tarot/Oracle Card Reading
Tarot may be used to inspire us in view of a certain issue(s), to try to figure out which is the best way to follow in view of certain situation, and as a guide or comfort.
Oracle Cards are used to provide an insight and positive outlook for those seeking answers to their inner most questions.
Receive Detailed Guidance and Answers to Your Questions utilizing Angel Tarot Cards and/or specifically chosen Oracle Cards via Email.



Offering Distance Healing – Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Offering Distance Healing – Tarot & Oracle Card Readings


DesertStar Healing on Facebook!


DesertStar Healing Modalities

Healing Session

 Post Healing Session


DesertStar Tarot & Oracle Card Readings




GemStone of the Month




    GemStone of the Month





DesertStar Healing Tarot Scopes featured in eastOnpop Magazine!

New Digital Issue of eastOnpop Magazine!


  eastOnpop Magazine featuring DesertStar Healing Tarot Scopes


EastOnpop Magazine featuring DesertStar Healing TarotScopes!



“Thank you to our fans for liking us and making the numbers grow everyday.

Stay tuned for our new issue chock full of great new features and the free APP”

– EastOnpop –

DesertStar Healing 2013 Update & Information

Aloha ~

Upon moving back to the Northeast from the Southwest I am finding that my reasons for doing so – being with my life partner and closer to my Ma and helping her with the restaurant – is the focus of my intent over the next year. During this transitional period my intention was to also establish a Holistic Healing Practice in Downtown Easton as of March 2013. There have been many life changes over the last 6 months and at this time I feel that the Universe is redirecting my attention while allowing me to keep my options open. During this time I will also continue to study Alternative Therapies/Modalities and receive Degrees/Certifications, not only for my own personal knowledge and understanding but also to assist others with their life experiences.

I have been in deep thought over this next step in life, and have come to the conclusion that it is better to not rush into something that may not be right for me at this time. I feel as though my Life’s Purpose is to help others, and when the time is right the Space that is waiting for me will be available to fill with Healing Art & Love.

Ashley. Healing Artist

DesertStar Healing

DesertStar Healing is Available for Distance Healing Sessions & Tarot & Oracle Readings!

 ~ Follow DSH & Receive Your Monthly DesertStar TarotScope ~

 DesertStar Healing Modalities

DesertStar Healing Session

Post Healing Session Experiences

Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

  2013 GemStone of the Month


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