Traditional & Modern Healing Practices

desertstar logo and text copyIntuitive Integrative Healing Art

Shamanistic Healing
Spiritual Healing
Soul Retrieval
Distance Healing
Space Blessing
Qi Gong
Tibetan Pulsing
Chakra Balancing
Energetic Cleanse
Past Life Regression
Color & Sound Therapy
Gem/Mineral Therapy
Ionic Cleanse
Space Clearing & Protecting
Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

 desertstar logo only 

DesertStar Healing / Facebook

 Intuitive Healer

Shamanistic Practitioner

 Reiki Practitioner

 Master Hypnotherapist

 Neuro- Linguistics Programmer

Angel Card Reader™


Incorporate alternative practices of preventative medicine in daily life and routine. In order to maintain balance, healthful and mindful life experiences One must be in tune with self, nature and surroundings.  DesertStar Healing



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