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9.19.13 — Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

DesertStar Full Moon Cosmic Oracle

— 9.19.13 —



Guardian Goddess

Goddesses guarded spheres of life important to the ancients, and personified virtues, morals and attributes necessary for enriched lives. When one of the Guardian Goddesses is chosen, it suggests that you are being protected. To ensure the blessing of the goddess, a votive should be dedicated to her.



To the Greeks, Lady Luck is Tyche, the goddess who bestows prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. To the Romans she is Fortuna, the goddess who governs the unpredictable wheel of fortune.

On this card, the zodiac is the wheel of life, where man comes to know his own fate through the changing seasons of chance. In Fortuna’s hands destiny may bring sudden fortune or a meteoric rise to success, testing your integrity and your ability to remain centered. On a divinatory level, the fortunes of your life are shifting, perhaps without your choosing. Whether these changes are judged as advantageous or adverse is not important. What is essential is that the changing circumstances are embraced. The appearance of Tyche confirms that you are at an essential turning point necessitating movement and change.

Feminine Wisdom

Life feels insecure when we are caught up in the ceaseless change of the outer world. Tyche leads us into the fortunes of the inner life where challenges may lead to unexpected good fortune.

Full Moon in Pisces

This month’s Full Moon falls at 27 degrees of Virgo (Sun) and Pisces (Moon)

ImageThe Pisces Full Moon is a powerful portal for your spiritual growth. This is the Harvest Moon. We are harvesting what we have sown this year. Our harvest is the culmination of our efforts to manifest a deeper and fuller life for ourselves and the world.

Name what you have harvested and bless it and yourself for the good work you have done. This Full Moon in the final sign of the zodiac reminds us that the true harvest of our path is experienced within, in the very core of our being, not externally in the trappings of our lives.

She invites us to consider an inner harvest and where we now find ourselves on our path of spiritual inquiry.

There is a deep activation going on of the Priestess archetype as well as the Divine Mother archetype- which both men and women can feel. The Pisces Moon is about faith, spirituality and intuition.  You are being asked to dream, meditate and be creative. Your sensitivity will be heightened. You may have to move away from loud noise, crowds and negative people. Be in nature. This will nurture you

Be kind and gentle with yourself as you may be feeling ultra-sensitive

The outer planets—Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—describe the collective tone of the moment. The background upon which we create the future!  We are immersed in those energies culturally and globally.

The collective planets are telling us that things have to change—our culture is no longer a viable option for continued life here on Earth

This Moon represents an ending- a time to put to rest the ghosts of the past, and release yourself from any shackles that have been stopping you from realizing your full potential. We are all children of the universe, and each and every one of have qualities, talents, and personalities that are unique and special. It’s time to start loving what is different about you, and shining your light for the world to see. Have compassion for those who dare to question you or hold you back, as they can’t see their own light and may try to snuff it out in others.

If the tears come over the next few days, let them flow, as they will offer you much cleansing and release. Don’t be afraid of your emotions-because you know that after the rain, the sun will always shine again.

MAJOR NEW CYCLES being seeded- ones that are based on massive endings and/or massive new beginnings in relationships, finances, business, partnership, commitment and contractual arrangements of all kinds.

Return to the womb of the Mother and let her nurture you, and when you are done, extend that nurturing energy out to others and to the world around you.


’I AM peace itself and therefore my quest is to BE peace itself.’

Full Moon in Pisces Apothecary Suggestions

Gemstones & Holistic Healing Practices

Virgo is associated with the small intestines and digestive system while Pisces rules the feet, immune/lymphatic systems, and pineal gland. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body around the time of this Full Moon.


Pisces Full Moon Gemstones

Pearl, Moonstone, Tektite, Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine


As Pisces rules the feet, when the Moon is in this sign, reflexology can be an especially lovely activity to engage in. The massaging of pressure points on the feet can help to circulate energy and quell Virgoan-inspired anxiety. Additionally, working on the digestive system points, concentrated between the ball of the foot and the heel, can support Virgo-associated gastrointestinal health.

Prayers for Healing

 With the Moon in spiritually oriented Pisces, it’s a wonderful time to invoke the power of faith in the promotion of healing. This need not be a complex activity nor one necessarily infused with religious meaning. Rather, just focus upon yourself—or another whose health could benefit from assistance—and say a prayer for betterment. If it feels right, invite others to join a prayer circle. Prayer may seem simple, yet it can be so very powerful.

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