DesertStar Card of the Day

~Power Animal~
{Your animal spirit guide is a guardian to you and is helping you with this situation}

DesertStar Message

There are various forms of support and assistance available to us while we are here on Mother Earth in other realms, planes, and dimensions. This situation calls for the Animal Spirit Realm to come forth and see us through. Even in the most darkest of times there is Light and Love being sent to us ~ all you have to do is Ask, Listen & Receive!

Card Meaning

“This card is a message for you to work with animals – both physically and spiritually – for they are reaching out and attempting to communicate with you. In order to hear these benevolent beings, you’ll need to listen with your heart and inner ear without judgement. Once you open your mind, you’ll clearly hear their loving voices and messages. You also have specific animals with you as guides, which may include a special pet. These “power animals” are like angels who are very connected with the earth.”

Action Steps
“Go to a location where there are trees or plants so that nature can help you with your journey to meet your power animal. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply as you hold the intention of connecting with the animal that serves as your spirit guide. Imagine yourself in a magical forest calling to your power animal, without specifying what type of animal your expecting. Let yourself see and know the animal who is your guide, and then ask this spiritual being any question you’d like- especially about your connection to nature and the environment.”

~*Angel Therapy Oracle Cards*~



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