Post Shamanistic Healing Session

Suggestions to Assist in Integration


Nurture Yourself

Rest, drink lots of water, eat healthy food, and take a soothing Epsom salt or baking soda & sea salt bath. The body and energy field will continue to detoxify, self- care will assist with the process.


Get outside and let yourself feel and receive the Earth’s blessings and messages. The natural world has a high level of life force and vitality. This can support and feed your energy body.


Allow yourself 3 days to adjust and assimilate what you received in your Healing Session. The luminous and physical bodies need time to adjust to the transition. New patterns can continue to subtly and gently unfold over several months.

Resynchronization – Expect Change!

I never know in what ways the Healing work will present itself.  Pay attention to what begins to seem different in your life.  People may respond to you differently, or you will find yourself not reacting to situation in the ways you have in the past. Unusual resynchronization, signs, omens, comments from a friend or stranger may present themselves.  Pay attention to life- new things will happen!

Create a New Reality

Make a conscious choice to respond to situations in a positive and life-affirming way, this is a time to re-pattern out of old, unhealthy mind-sets and behaviors so the new way becomes permanent.  As you engage in different choices, the new aspects and essence of the soul creates a new reality. There can be a chain reaction of healing realignment. Your choices help reaffirm your wholeness.


Find support, talk to trusted friends and loved ones, a counselor or group. Share your Healing story with those who are open and can honor your Healing process.

Develop a Regular Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice (one that truly resonates with you) will support your healing and make you stronger than anything else. Learn to journey, practice meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, prayer, a walk in nature. Join a drumming circle or take a workshop that teaches spiritual healing or a spiritual path.


Keep a record of your experience and change. Confide in and honor yourself. Sometimes the most powerful insights come from re-reading the old records of your experience.


If you receive special instructions (homework) from your session, follow these instructions to support the Healing Journey.

Follow-up Care

Give your Healing Process time to integrate. DesertStar Healing encourages feedback to hear how you are doing.



Shamanistic Healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness and does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment. It does however work well in conjunction with other Healing Modalities.


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