Meridians ~ Energy Pathways

 ~ Meridians ~

Meridians are invisible pathways through which Qi flows that form an energy network that connects all parts of the body, and the body to the universe. Qi  (pronounced “Chi”) is translated as vital energy. Qi has two aspects: one is energy, power, or force; the other is conscious intelligence or information. In the human body, Qi flows through Meridians, Channels or Energy Pathways. Twelve major Meridians run through the body, these Channels are linked to a specific organ or organ system making the organism a unified whole. The Meridian System links Meridians with each other and connects all body structures; skin, tendons, bone, internal organs, cells, atoms. Meridians connect the interior with exterior and the upper body with the lower body. Meridians respond to and carry stimulation as well as transmit information; they have the ability to bring healing energy to local, as well as distant, parts of the body. Meridians serve as lines of communication among the organs and the body; provide the ebb and flow of vital energy in the body, help maintain balance and provide warmth and nourishment for the whole body. Meridians are also sensitive to time and place; they reflect and respond to the changing energy of the seasons, the time of day and the climate of a particular place. Meridians work by regulating the energy functions of the body and keeping it in harmony. Energy Work, as well as other Alternative Therapies such as Acupuncture, can stimulate the relevant Meridian(s) to help clear, realign and balance the affected Energy Pathways. When the Meridian System functions well, the body; including its mind, spirit and emotions, is healthy and maintains balance and harmony.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory States:

“As long as Qi flows freely through the Meridians and the Organs work in Harmony, the Body can Avoid Disease.”



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