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Butterfly Bush Flower Essence: Healing Properties & Indications

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Butterfly Bush

(Buddleia Davidii)


Butterfly Bush Essence energetically charged with August’s Full (Blue) Moon

Blue Moon Energy

following your heart & creating new paths

 Healing  Properties & Indications

Connection to the world within and around self.

Belief in all things seen, unseen, heard and felt.

Listening to and following heart.

Heart & Mind’s Eye connection.

Release from trauma & suffering.

Moving forward – New Beginnings.

Change & Transformation.



Opening Heart Chakra

Balancing Energy levels

Balancing 3rd Eye & Heart Chakra


6th Chakra – 3rd Eye

5th Chakra – Heart


Plant Spirit Message

Ye take to heart so well.

See with the mind’s eye that which will lead you home.

Hearts center, souls creation – that which ye call love.

Never stop laughing. Simple joys in life.

Offerings & blessings. Skies so bright

Warmth of the sun. Night fall.

Back to basics.

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Flower Essence Price & Dosage


Standard recommendations are for 4 drops from bottle 4 times per day


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