desertstar flower essences

PicsArt_1381780466394America Climbing Rose

(Rosa ‘America’)

“Love, Respect, Joy, Friendship, Desire”

IMG_20131014_135038_013-1America Climbing Rose Essence charged with Desert Rose & Chrysocolla Gemstones

IMG_20131014_135519_352Gemstone Properties

Desert Rose (Selenite)

Spiritual activation, Communion with Higher Self, Spirit guides & Angels


Communication, Expression of the Sacred, Goddess energies, Gentleness & Power

Healing Properties & Indications

Love, Patience, Kindness

Feelings of trust

Sense of ‘wholeness’

Connection to Divine Feminine

Direction & Purpose

Protection of Heart

Raising energetic vibration

Balance emotions

Clarity & Strength

Divine will

Peace & Fortitude

Relaxation  — physical, mental, emotional

Sense of security & emotional support

Self-worth & dignity

Emotional release



Neuromuscular system

Blood cleanser

Heart purifier/strengthener

Stagnate energy


Reproductive organ function


Muscle cramps/spasms

Balancing Heart, Sacral & Root Chakra



1st Chakra — Root

2nd Chakra — Sacral

4th Chakra — Heart


Plant Spirit Message

As it was in the beginning.

All things shall be made whole.

Light within, in and a part of.

Being of Soul — Sol.

Earth Energy.

Sky Energy.

Eternal Sunshine.

Rise to the occasion when called, many will seek your guidance.

Allow yourself to be open enough to Trust.

Everything happens as it should.

desertstar flower2

Flower Essence Price & Dosage


Standard recommendations are for 4 drops from bottle 4 times per day


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