desertstar flower essences



(Thymus vulgaris)


IMG_20130930_151221_410Thyme Flower Essence charged with Red Amethyst & Tiger Eye Gemstones

Gemstone Properties

Red Amethyst

Courage, tenacity, inner strength, grounding, protection, romance, passion, builds fearlessness, fosters action, promotes productivity

Tiger Eye

Balance between extremes, discernment, vitality, strength, practicality, fairness.

Healing Properties & Indications

Releasing stress

Grounding — connection to Mother Earth

Focus and Clarity of Mind & Heart

Inner Peace & Strength

Well Being


Intention — Heart’s desire

Dream work / Visions / Meditation


Moving toward Life Purpose

Healing Wounds — emotional & physical 




Sinus ailments

Reproductive organ function

Clearing toxins

Relieving pain

Supports gastrointestinal tract

Balancing Chakra System



1st Chakra — Root

2nd Chakra — Sacral

3rd Chakra — Solar Plexus

4th Chakra — Heart

5th Chakra — Throat

6th Chakra — 3rd Eye

7th Chakra — Crown


Plant Spirit Message

We are here to Heal.

Here to Heal One as a Whole.

Mother Earth is a planet of Healing, Nurturing, Giving & Receiving.

Be gracious, kind and thankful.

Take not without giving, Ask not for receiving.

Learn to Love and to Heal.

Self and Others.

Mother Earth.

desertstar flower2

Flower Essence Price & Dosage


Standard recommendations are for 4 drops from bottle 4 times per day


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