DesertStar Summer Solstice Cosmic Oracle




seeing the blessings in your life

This card brings you the message that the blessings of your life can sustain you even when you or someone you love is in great distress and pain. By focusing on the blessings that your spirit has brought to you or to another, you are better able to learn from the difficulties in your life rather than seeking only to survive them. This card offers renewal and increased self-appreciation because it asks you to lift your eyes from the mundane and fearful toward the evolved and enlightened.

This extraordinarily brilliant image is showing you the nature of your life as it combines the magical passion and intensity of “Earth-School” life with the powerful purity of divine awareness. You are being asked to see forthcoming success as a natural extension of continued attention to your relationship with divine source. You are being blessed with additional clarity and understanding of the past circumstances that have hindered your growth, and you can expect to move ahead with plans to expand and grow.

Use the blessings in your own life to help others renew their belief in their own blessings from the Universe.


[Angelic Messenger Cards – Daily Guidance for Personal Healing & Spiritual Discovery]


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