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Summer 2013

aquarius2 January 20 – February 19

There is a sense of significant change, growth and creativity at this time. Abundance comes to you in many forms! Remember to have patience and remain in the present while making plans for the future. There is a need for dietary change or improvement at this time – once you improve your diet, your life will also improve. Change comes from within.


pisces2 February 19 – March 20

Stability and structure surrounds you. It is a good time to make the necessary changes in order to allow the energy to flow. You may find removing yourself from toxic things, people or situations will assist in balancing the energies that have been stagnant for quite some time – be thankful for these experiences that are no longer needed, and let go! Practice utilizing Positive Affirmations to assist in raising your vibration and to attract what you desire.

 aries1March 20 – April 19

Open your heart and mind to deeper meanings and connections. You may find yourself involved in some type of charity work – once you’ve opened your heart; it’s the heart that keeps on giving!  You may be seeking or are sought out for trustworthy & heartfelt knowledge, advice and wisdom. Daily practice of your ability, skill or talent will help to increase your confidence.

taurus2April 19 – May 20

The energy is shifting and many things are changing for the better. This is a season for new beginnings, spiritual growth, and enhanced intuition. Listen to your heart when making decisions and life changes. There is a possibility for romance at this time – falling in love, a sense of renewal or the return of a relationship. The old weight and habit of debt is lifted from you and your life. A new home awaits you!


gemini2May 20 – June 21

This is a time for creative ideas, personal growth and self-development. Your deepest desires, passions and dreams are becoming your reality. Remember to remain focused & centered, everything is happening as it should. There is a new opportunity heading in your direction – this may come in the form of a career advancement or new endeavor. Allow your true self to shine!


cancer2June 21 – July 22

Change is occurring – in your perspective and realization of the situation. Competition and conflict are a part of the equation. Take the time to find the inspiration to see this challenge as an opportunity to grow, learn, acquire knowledge and gain experience. Be cautious, aware, and attentive to detail! Only you know what it is that you truly desire, be honest with yourself.


leo2 July 22- August 22

Utilize your inner strength and knowledge – allow the fire that burns inside to be your guide and help see you through. Now is a time to release harsh judgments that you have against yourself or others. With forgiveness and compassion one can move mountains, or create the space for anew. Trust and follow through on a new business idea or career opportunity!


virgo2August 22- September 22

You have come full circle – a time for positive changes and new beginnings. A situation that has been slow to start suddenly moves forward. With the assistance of Universal Forces all that you put your mind to will be accomplished. What you’re asking for is coming about. Have patience, as there are unseen factors that need to occur first.


libra2September 22-October 23

This is a time of movement, growth and power. You will begin to gain confidence in your expression of thoughts, words, and ideas. There may be some legal matters that need to be taken care of at this time – the outcome may help to release the sense of illusion that you are trapped in this situation. As your heart heals of old emotional pain, you receive new blessings & love.


scorpio2October 23- November 22

Communication is key – speak your mind with confidence! Refrain from over analyzing; it may be beneficial to seek out professional advice at this time. There is a need for balance mentally and emotionally…perhaps practicing Yoga or Mediation daily will assist you in balancing these energies. A new way of eating – Vegetarian – gives you more energy, greater health, clarity, and stronger manifestation abilities.


sagittarius2November 22 – December 21

Look at things from a different perspective. You’ve finished one part of your life, and now a new and even better part is beginning! You may feel as though you’re at a standstill but this is a time when everything is aligning to the new energies that are present and felt. Things will seem to begin to move along once everything is resonating at the same frequency – inside & out. Spend time with flowers and flower essences to increase your personal healing power.


capricorn2December 21- January 20

It’s a good time to get back to basics and create the space for optimum health and wellness. When taking care of one’s self, we are in essence taking care of others, including Mother Earth – we are all connected. Remember to make time for yourself and those around you. Take a sensible approach and deal with challenges in a kind and understanding manner. You may need more information about this situation. Look into it further before proceeding!

DesertStar Healing utilizes Doreen Virtues’ Tarot & Oracle Cards


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