DesertStar Card of the Day

~Dream Big~
{Let go of small thoughts about yourself! See yourself succeeding}

DesertStar Message

Expand your Horizon. Refrain from self-limiting thoughts, words and ideas. The World is your Canvas, what you think you create ~ what you dream, becomes.  Allowing the energy to flow+pure thought and intention=possibilities are endless.

Card Meaning
“In the past, you may have seen yourself as insignificant. This card asks you to release any thoughts or feelings of inferiority. Truly believe that you are utterly qualified for any endeavor you can dream about! Write down a list of your fears about moving forward, and then”drown” those fears by putting the paper into a bucket or large bowl of water. Then, take a cleansing shower,bath or swim. The water seals your new way of seeing yourself…as you are in truth: an equal to all in the Universe.”

~*Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Cards*~



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