DesertStar Card of the Day

~ Nutrition~
{You conduct healing work with your culinary skills}

DesertStar Message

It is beneficial to become more aware of the foods we are feeding not only our bodies but minds and souls as well!

Card Meaning

“The angels say that you’re a “food alchemist,” which means that you create Divine magic through the dishes that you make and your nutritional knowledge. You may counsel others on how to adopt a healthful diet; and demonstrate this skill for your friends, family, or clients. Perhaps you’re guided to write a cookbook, run a restaurant, or prepare delicious recipes for others. Your interests may also lead you to study nutrition and teach about its importance. You’re a sensitive person who’s affected by the foods and beverages you consume. You’ve noticed that your energy and moods waver according to what you eat and drink. Because you’ve paid attention to these nutritional links to your own emotional and physical health, you’ve learned firsthand how what you take into your body effects you. This may compel you to read books or enroll in classes on this topic. You may even earn a nutrition degree, which will enable you to help others. As you call upon the healing angels’ help, you’ll find that unhealthful cravings are replaced with an appetite for healthful meals and drinks. This, too, is a process that you can teach others.”

~*Life Purpose Oracle Cards*~



Comments on: "April 8, 2013 Card of the Day ~ Nutrition" (2)

  1. Keeper Sharkey said:

    right! on! point!

  2. Keeper Sharkey said:

    I was reunited with a quote yesterday that is exactly this!

    “Your new life will blossom from the old. Remember, death is constantly occurring. Every seven years, each cell in your entire body has been replaced.They are replaced as healthy as the life you live. The ancestors are alive within us. There bodies have become the stones, the soil, the plants, our food, our selves. We shall become our grandchildren. We are the future. And we shall live again in the future we are creating now. Contemplate this magnificent life cycle.”- Carol Bridges, medicine cards Exemplar of Stones.

    That is the energy of the present!

    4 major planets in Aries (The Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus) and a new moon in a day or so!

    Time to get a fresh outlook on habits that form over time….make healthy nutritional changes and focus on foods that make us happy, healthy, fertile and comfort our very basic needs! …foods that are easy and simple to digest.

    Thank you for verifying my guides!

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